Diego’s Night Adventures

For a few weeks, Diego seemed anxious, especially at night. He would get excited and then try to chew through the fence. For a long time, we could not identify the reason for this sudden change in behavior.

Sometime later, we noticed that Chevak started to chew the fence too.
Oh my God, what is happening? Do our dogs turn werewolves at night?

One night the truth was revealed to us at 2 AM. Morgan started to bark excitedly and created a lot of commotion.
Our caregiver/private investigator went out to see what was happening. It turned out that hedgehog(s) come at night and “tease” our dogs =D

We added some extra obstacles around to discourage hedgehogs coming close to the fences, and luckily it worked. Diego is back to quiet sleeping baby at night =)

Diego is such a sensitive and sweet dog. We can not believe how long he has been waiting to find his forever home.

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