Dogs are not ” toys” for children. Diego’s story.

When you decide to adopt a dog, you have to  give a chance to a dog that is “ imperfect”. See, dogs are not computer software that is programmed to behave certain way only. Just like we go through  our lives shaping and changing our opinions on different subjects, dogs do the same. If anything dogs have a lot more mental flexibility to change, than many people.

This is a story about a dog, who changed his ways when his environment changed.

Four years ago a parent purchased a husky puppy as a present for his teenage son and paid  1000 Euros for him.

This is one of those many stories about parents that are so blinded by love to their children that they tend to make terrible mistakes in their attempt to please their offspring. Teenage boy was gifted his very first dog and trusted to know how to take care of him without any guidance from adults. This was not fair for the child and the dog.

It is also a common practice in Cyprus to chain dogs  as young as 10 weeks old. Many puppies instead of learning about this world, bonding with their people through spending time together, walking , playing and socializing end up being chained on the back of the yard. Diego was not only deprived from all the things that dog must receive in life, he was not even “lucky” to live outside. He was chained up in the basement, isolated from sunlight, staying in darkness most of the times, all alone 24 hours a day, except for the few minutes when someone would come to put give him water and food. This was his life since he was a puppy.

Eventually, as he grew up to be a beautiful adult Diego started to escape.  Was it cry for help? Boredom? Probably both.

Over and over again he was collected either by Municipality or neighbors and every time returned to the father of the owner, who became in a way his main caretaker.

In March 2018 Diego managed to escape again, but this time he injured himself. A neighbor concerned for the well being of the dog decided to involve Sled Dog Rescue to negotiate Diego’s surrender.  His young owner admitted that Diego deserved better life and regretted that he could not have been a better person for his dog. How could he? Without any guidance from adults children can not know what does it take to be responsible for a living being and often experience guilt, as if it was their fault. No parent should put his/her child though such negative emotional experience.

This is how this lovely boy ended up with us. At the age of 4 years old he had to learn everything from scratch.

If you want to know more about how Diego is doing now, please click HERE.