Faith is in trouble again

Usually the path of each rescue dog starts long before they are officially rescued. Dogs are like children, they do not have a vote when they are brought to this world. They don’t get to choose who their caretaker will be. Will they be violent inconsiderate humanoids? Maybe someone who means well in their heart, but has no ability to take proper care of the dog? Or actually they may be a loving, kind and educated person? The life quality of each dog depends on who becomes their “owner”. Just like it happens with children, dogs that are less lucky eventually end up in the “system”. It happens to millions and millions of dogs every year, globally.

Faith is no exception. Sadly her story is not “special” or “unique”. Faith’s previous owners were a family with mental disability. Unfortunately, The Cyprus government did not provide them with a social worker to support and guide them. Maybe if they did have a social worker, the many dogs they had before would avoid a sad existence followed by early death from accidents or malnutrition.

Even though this family meant well in their hearts, in reality they truly struggled to take care of themselves.

Faith wasn’t their first pet. Just before Faith, their previous pet escaped the chain and was never seen again. What are the chances for survival for a dog like that? That could have been her destiny too. Luckily someone reported the family to Vet Services and the ball started to roll.

When the Sled Dog Rescue volunteer arrived at the location together with the Vet Services Inspector they witnessed a truly sad scene: on a grimy concrete driveway filled with old furniture and trash a chained dog spent her life. A filthy shed crafted from pieces of wood, old sheets and plastic carts was her shelter. Day and night, in days that were cold and in days that were hot she spent there, all alone. Sometimes she would get water. Sometimes she would get boiled pasta for dinner. Many times she starved.

First time we saw Faith and her living conditions in January 2018

As they volunteer approached the shed she noticed a small little fur ball near to it. She rushed to take a closer look inside the shed by removing plastic carts blocking entrance from one side and here they were: a bunch of tiny beautiful puppies, peacefully sleeping snuggled up to each other, to keep themselves warm.

It was towards the end of January ‘18 and weather forecast promised heavy rains in the following weeks. The volunteer knew if they are not moved the same day, puppies will not survive the weather. Their days were counted.

With the assistance of Vet Services to everyone relief Faith and her 7 little puppies were submitted under the care of Sled Dog Rescue.  Further medical examination revealed that Faith suffered from anaemia, breast infection and she was extremely malnutrition.  She was exhausted mentally and physically and needed few days to at least get stronger, so she could attend to her babies again. With love, good food, and proper living conditions she got better in a week and nursed her babies till they were old enough to be moved to foster homes.

Over the course of months Faith gained muscles and became an enthusiastic, happy and sporty girl. We prepared her documents, neutered and vaccinated her, so when the home is found she can join her family as soon as possible. Faith enjoyed her life in the sanctuary, mingling between three various groups of dogs, so she can get her playtime and get the energy out. And we were hopeful that soon enough this happy dog will find  her loving family.

On the evening on August 2nd her enthusiasm and friendly personality got her in real trouble. She saw her buddy, Shelly, on the other side of the fence in a different enclosure. She impulsively ran to greet him. In her attempt to jump over to the other side, her leg got stuck in the fence in the process and was broken as a result.

The moment it happened something broke in our hearts too.  If only she waited one second, we could have taken her off the fence. After everything she has been though in her life, another challenge was thrown her way.  On August 4th Faith had her surgery and confirmed to be crated for 4 weeks at least. Depending on x-rays we will know more after.

Here she is again, in need of your help and support again. Her surgery costs are 400 Euros and expected expenses in connection to her rehabilitation is another about 300 euros.

Let’s be honest. Your donation won’t change the world, but it will change the world for Faith.

All we need is 10 people who can donate 70 euros or more people who can donate less.

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