Fundraiser: Wings for 7 dogs

Over the years we noticed that most active adoption time for Nordic dogs ( foster or forever) is somewhere between October and February. This is also the worst time of a year to fly dogs out of Cyprus, since there are less people traveling to Cyprus in winter.

There are so many obstacles for Nordic dogs in Cyprus, that we have to always walk extra mile to help them.
This time we have a big challenge in from of us, and as one human being to another, we are asking YOUR help. Help us secure enough funds , so when the flight is booked for any of the dogs ( except Kes and Eve – already have booked flight, which is upfront expense for us) we have enough money to fly them.

We maintain relatively low adoption fees, since we do not want to discourage people from adopting, but adoption fee barely covers the flight ( hence grooming, vet bills and kennel fees).

So please, if you have something to spare, make this Christmas a real miracle for these dogs by donating towards their flight.

Here is the link to their fundraiser:

Bank Details:
IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74

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