Fundraising March 2018

When we do our job well – dogs eat. As simple as that.

Every months our Cyprus team collects dogs from the streets, pounds, shelters , from owners who for one or another reason can not keep their pets and we take care of them. Our job is not only to feed them and keep them safe. Dogs are intelligent species, just like humans their minds and bodies have needs. Just removing dog from the street to the kennel provides safety, but it doesn’t make dog’s life happier. We care about mental and physical needs of our dogs. We want them to have toys, to play games, to learn how to bond and socialize with people. We make sure that they are healthy, we clean and brush their coats, because we believe that just because they don’t have family yet, doesn’t mean they deserved less than a pet who has loving human beside. Shelter environment is stressful for any dog, but with the right adjustment, with daily exercise, treats, games and cuddles, we can significantly improve their quality of life while each of them is looking for a special home.
Dog’s happiness and health means a lot to us, but also we spend energy and time to educate people about responsible dog ownership. We do not have hundreds of dogs, as we believe that for the dogs to get proper life we have to be honest about our own limitations. Happy , socialized and healthy dog has more chances to be adopted sooner, than dog who is one of 200 and barely gets any individual attention, so we keep our limit up to maximum 30 dogs at a time,
If we can secure 4000 euros every month, not only we can save many more lives, but we can continue educating people and prevent bad things happening to the dogs in the future.

Join us in our mission! Your contribution will make a big difference in the lives of our dogs, our volunteers and adopters!
Donate now to help us reach our goals and dreams to not have homeless dogs in this world ever!

Donators in March

Jennifer G.1001. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Anngharaad R.35,6101. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Milla P.301. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Lyn W.21,6901. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Barish S.3001. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Vivien m.5,4101. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Ann B.43,5801. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Melanie E.2001. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
M.L.C. W.3001. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Sam M.3,0601. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Rebecca C.50002. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Ines H.1002. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Mary A.2002. Mär 18For Danae
Steve M.1004. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Mr. A B.2004. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Christina Angela B.10,9405. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Ina G.2005. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Liubov I.2005. Mär 18Dog walk registration fee
Rebecca C.12005. Mär 18Danae
Esther V.2007. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Christina Angela B.10,8508. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Marios A.5008. Mär 18For Samoyed Boy
Cash Collection31510. Mär 18Event Cyprus
Annette H.5013. Mär 18Ishani
Andreas S.1013. Mär 18Ishani
Rebecca C.10013. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Ian Van Der S.2013. Mär 18Ishani
Petra H.10014. Mär 18Ishani
Lisanne S.2515. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Sysan B.6015. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Andreas S.1015. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Marta M.1015. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Julia W.1016. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Eva B.2020. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Marta M.1021. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Simone Myrian K.35021. Mär 18Adoption Fee
Vivien M.22,0222. Mär 18Bruno
Joanna F.33,0322. Mär 18Bruno
Rebecca C.5022. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Ines H.3022. Mär 18Cookie bags
E van D.523. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Ina G.1023. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Claudia B.2523. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Emanuel P.2024. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Claudia B.524. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Bronislawa J V.3026. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Penny R.10,8827. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Steffen F.5027. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Harieke W.1527. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Ian Van Der S.1028. Mär 18Monthly Subscription
Christina Angela B.66,728. Mär 18Fundraiser March 2018
Angelika O.15028. Mär 18Adoption Fee

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