Gabi’s Fun Day

A few weeks ago, we noticed that Gabi’s hind legs were occasionally shaking while standing. There were no other signs. Gabi was still actively playing with his siblings and being just a typical puppy. However, we decided not to take any risks and made an appointment.

X-rays can be a very intrusive and scary experience for the dog, so his caregiver decided to make it into a Fun Day For Gabi. First, he went for a car ride – means going somewhere fun, right?

Car ride means going somewhere fun

Exactly right. As after car ride was over, Gabi went for a walk.

Gabi is investigating

Gabi also made a stop in a local gym , to say hi =)

Gabi was a moral support for all hard working people in the gym

During veterinary check-up and x-ray, Gabi was cooperative, but still, a little stressed.

Luckily, because he did not put any resistance, the whole process went fast, and soon he was back on his four feet – a much more comfortable position for Gabi =)

Gabi is not amused by x-ray process

However, we would urge his future family to invest time to train Gabi to give consent for vet check-ups. It takes time to teach a dog that, but the reward is years after years peaceful and harmonious vet visits =) Extra bonus is the time you will spent teaching and learning, will create a special bond.

The Fun Day did not end on such a stressful note, of course, after the check-up, Gabi got treats, cuddles, and some extra “me” time. He enjoyed it very much.

X-rays showed that he has healthy joints, so we will keep observing him and reporting to the vet. Lately, there have been no incidents of his legs shaking, so we remain hopeful that this won’t come back.

Meanwhile, our big little softy Gabi would appreciate if people could help him with vet bills.

Now  it is time for Gabi to catch some rest. It was a busy morning for little munchkin.

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