Help Pick name for Blind Akita – Fundraiser

Back in 2013 this dog was brought to Cyprus from a breeder in Bulgaria. This is one of those stories when two people who are worth each other meet. The breeder who never cared where his puppies end up. And the ex owner, who based on his action was never worthy of having a dog.

Akita boy was living in the cage since he was 6 months old. We do not know for sure when his blindness occurred, but we know that it had to be somewhere around 1,5 – 2 years ago, because this is approximately when his ex owner randomly mentioned that he wants to drive his akita to the mountains and leave him there. He lost interest and usage of this dog.

Since this unfortunate boy arrived to Cyprus, almost 6 years ago, he never been to the vets. Even if his blindness started to become very noticeable, it seemed his ex owner did not want to “waste” any money for the treatment….

Last year some kind people took him in foster care, but now  they are leaving the island, he had no where else to go. This is how this poor fella ended up with Sled Dog Rescue.

He has been with us for only few days, but we can see the beautiful personality shining through his general neglect and poor health. He is playful and  very joyful dog. There is still a lot to learn about each other and his diagnosis is yet to be discovered, as so far his CBC and chemistry panels test did not disclose any information.

Meanwhile, this boy needs a name. He does not respond to the name mentioned in the document, so here is an opportunity for us to give him a chance to start from scratch. We can not change the past, but we can make sure his present is good and take steps to make his future even better.

We ask you to think about meaningful and beautiful names ( no Lucky, Star, Miracle etc and no names from Game of Thrones please and no Hachiko pls) and donate minimum of 5 Euros with the name you like.

On Monday, 11th of March, we will select 2 or 3 names we think would fit him the most and ask people to vote for one.

The money from Name Auction will be used for very necessary physical and emotional health of this dog.

We will keep all sponsors updated via email or Facebook!

With gratitude, the SDR team.

P.S.: our Dutch supporters can also pay via Tikkie:

Akita Boy

Donations & Name Suggestions:

Stefanos M. 23.8 Euros for Nobu 04.03.2019
Trijntje N. 9.31 Euros for Henry 05.03.2019
Anke K. 23.63 Euros for Wally 05.03.2019
Miss G M C. 14.14 Euros for Haru 05.03.2019
Marco M. 15 Euros for Tsuyoku 08.03.2019
Jeanette B. 10 Euros for Michio 08.03.2019
Sandra B. 4.48 Euros for Booba 08.03.2019
Rebecca C. 47.95 Euros for Alpha 08.03.2019
Total: 148,31 Euros in total.


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