Help us build cage free sanctuary for dogs in Cyprus

Officially Sled Dog Rescue was registered in March 2016 but we worked as private volunteers helping all dogs, but with focus on active and energetic dogs such as huskies in Cyprus since 2012. We started small fundraising among friends and family to help few dogs here and there. There was no plan when we started, no vision. Just devoting our free time and resources to help dogs.

The word about our work got out quickly and people were approaching us to help Nordic dogs they found on the streets or about to be euthanized in the pounds. The amount of dogs that needed help grew as fast as our popularity, so very soon we needed more space. We started to establish contacts with local dog hotels and private kennels to accommodate stray huskies, Malamutes and Samoyeds for a monthly fee.

Since our goal was to rehome snow dogs into colder countries we developed rehoming procedures to decrease the risk of failed adoption to minimum. Part of the process was to evaluate the environment family is offering to a dog and make sure that the dog would be satisfied with it . Happy dog = happy people. However matching dog with the right family was hard as behavior in the kennels was very much different from behavior dogs displayed at homes.

We needed different solution and we started to look for it couple of years ago. We wanted something that would make dogs healthier and happier.

Improving fencing

At the beginning of 2018 we launched an experimental project. One of our volunteers rented out land on which she was living. With 3 large enclosures already  build around the house. We started slowly to fill them with dogs. We placed dogs in packs of 4 -7 in each enclosure matching them by size, age, temperament and health condition to make sure there are no fights.

Dogs after neutering stay in the house to recover

All dogs are rotated through the house, to give them a chance to be house trained and accustomed to live inside the house with people ( noises of the TV, hoover and other ” house” noises that most stray dogs are not used to). On evenings they are taken for car rides ( one or two dogs at a time) and walks in the city, so they are used to walk on various surfaces and more accustomed to city noise. Every evening they get cuddles and play time before they go to sleep.

Pack is chilling on veranda

So far it has been nothing but success. The first thing we noticed was significant health improvement in dogs. Second thing that became obvious immediately was no barking. Plenty of space to run and play  in combination with safe and quiet environment had amazingly positive effect on dogs well being.

Our sanctuary located in a cozy place in the mountains, where it is a bit cooler.

Plenty of space to run, but lots of work to do still

Dogs get that one thing that makes them very happy – freedom of movement. ability to run and play.

To make this dream come true and be able to accommodate more dogs ( since there is space) SAFELY we still have to make some adjustments, build wooden sheds where dogs can relax on rainy days,but also built smaller enclosures for dogs with special requirements:

* one for dogs in quarantine
* one for dogs that would come under Shelly’s Memorial Fund Programme
* one for puppies ( or mothers with puppies)

Our goal is to safely accommodate 25 dogs at a time to begin with.If we manage to gain more financial support we can eventually hire staff and extend the help. Our goal however will always be able to provide quality waiting time and individual approach for the dogs that are waiting to find their homes.

Estimate costs for the materials and work would be 35,000 Euros.

Everyone who will donate to this fundraiser will also receive individual email with more detailed information as to how the final plan will look like.

We have a chance to create something amazing here. A legacy that can outlive us by its significance. A change that will change the lives for unfortunate dogs and make positive impact on families who will adopt them.

Please join us in our mission to make this world a better place for dogs.

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With love,
SDR team

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