Help us to rehome our dogs

Dear Supporters,

Unfortunately, during the last two years, we came to the realization of how dependent we, as an animal welfare organization, are on functioning infrastructures. Due to lockdown, travel restrictions, the lack of tourism, and the economic fears of many people, the placement of many animal welfare animals came to a standstill. In 2020/2021 Sled Dog Rescue was only able to place 8 dogs in foster homes or forever homes but has since looked after 25 animals on average. At this point, many thanks to all of you who help to look after them, it wouldn’t work without you!


Due to these restrictions, which are beyond our direct control, Sled Dog Rescue decided to use the upcoming autumn time to fly ALL dogs out of Cyprus if possible and to place them in foster homes or adoption in Germany, The Netherlands, or Sweden.
And for that, we need all of you!

We ask you to go inside yourself and see if you could imagine taking one of the dogs to a foster home or maybe even integrating him or her into your pack forever.
Honestly, nobody can currently estimate how the situation will develop in Cyprus in the next few weeks, so we would like to have the campaign completed by October 31, 2021, before the flight window may close again….

Therefore, here again, the request: Take another look at the Sled Dog Rescue website –, fall in love with one of the fur noses and give them the chance to live in safety and care! And believe me, they will more than give it back to you💕

If you can’t or don’t want to, that’s completely okay, of course, but maybe you can share our concern or have the opportunity to support us financially with the expected costs of the trip 🙏🏻

At the same time, everyone at Sled Dog Rescue is already working on preparing for a time afterward and the necessary restructuring in order to continue to help Nordic emergencies, and this more efficiently than is currently possible under the general conditions in Cyprus!