Henry’s History

Henry, a 6-year-old blind Akita male joined our Sanctuary in March 2019.
As far as we know he was born in Bulgaria and sold to someone in Cyprus. Henry’s ex-owner used to take him for competitions and show him off, but as soon as the competition was over the dog would be put back in his cage.

He happened to be a very grateful and loyal dog, so he just accepted this.  One day though, Henry started to go blind.  Instead of taking him to the vets and “wasting money” the owner’s decision was to dump him in the mountains so nature takes care of it.  Can you imagine a dog who started to get blind trying to survive on his own in the wilderness?

Luckily, someone in the neighborhood prevented this from happening by offering to take Henry over.  From there we are not sure what happened, as Henry was in foster care and there were attempts to advertise him under his original name Haruki.

We found out about Henry when his foster home put a plea that they were leaving the island and they could not take him with them.  United with another dog rescuer we managed to get enough money to build Henry’s special enclosure, so we could take him urgently.  The sanctuary is not an ideal place for a blind dog, as they cannot read the body language of other dogs, so a pack of running Huskies and Samoyeds is not the best solution.  That is why we built an enclosure, so he can be comfortable and have his space.

We never had a chance to verify the story, so we are not sure if we have a complete picture of what really happened. However, his past is irrelevant. What is important is that he is safe and loved in the Sanctuary.  All he needs is to find his loving family.

If you want to know more about Henry, his health condition and character, please click on THIS link.

Impressions of volunteer visiting the sanctuary in October 2019 you can read HERE.

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