Joey’s Background Story

Before Joey’s story began with us, his name was Lucky. It is ironic considering the circumstances under which Lucky was growing up.

Since Joey was a little puppy, his puppyhood was not going to doggie school, socializing with people and other puppies, going for daily walks, and being pampered as every puppy should be. No. He was tied up on the balcony of his ex-owner apartment, 24/7. When Joey would do something ” wrong,” his previous owner would hit him with hands. As Joey was getting bigger, beatings were becoming more frequent and more violent.

Neighbors concerned for the well being of the puppy and unable to listen to the screams every day, contacted us asking to help him. Joey was rescued shortly after and joined the Sanctuary in December 2019.

From the very beginning, it was apparent that Joey was afraid of people, especially women. He was scared of being touched equally as he was afraid of moving hands. Watching that fear in his eyes when people approach or move arms was heartbreaking. Joey was taught to be frightened of people, expecting that they will hurt him. He didn’t know that he can trust people.

Despite all the fears, he was slowly warming up to Mike, one of our volunteers. They started to bond, and eventually, Mike could touch and play with him. After four weeks and a lot of gentle testing of touches, it was decided that Joey can have a vet visit safely.

Unfortunately, while Mike was putting a harness on Joey, the dog got scared. Something triggered Joey, and he bit Mike on the hand.

After the incident, Joey went into rehabilitation with one of the best dog trainers in Cyprus, Maria-Christina, from Dog Coach Cyprus. Joey spent three months in training and was successfully released to come back to the Sanctuary. He is back since April 2020 and is a different dog.

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Link to trainer’s report – sled-dog-rescue-evaluation-report-JOY-APRIL-2020