There are many ways to start this story, but our “relationship “ with has Tina started last year. An elderly gentleman could not leave the island to go and take care of his terminally ill son, because his heart would have been broken knowing he has to leave Tina behind.

Tina wasn’t even his dog. Mr. Wynne was looking for a quiet retirement on a sunny island.  Tina stormed into his life by accident years ago when he found out that local government pound was going to euthanize her. Feeling sorry for her Mr. Wynne picked her up  and brought her home. Their journey began. They shared special bond and made their relationships work for years, despite all odds. Even when life through harsh challenges towards Barry Wynne that left him almost broke, Tina was still right there, lying in his feet as he kept on writing his famous war stories.

Unfortunately one day Mr. Wynne  received the news that his beloved son residing on the other side of the planet was seriously ill. A Father’s heart called to make another life changing commitment, leave everything behind at the age of 87 to be with his ailing son.

The only thing he could not leave behind was Tina. His best friend, a loyal and loving companion who kept him company all those years. Torn between his parental love and love for his companion, he could not leave the island unless he made comfortable arrangements for Tina. His conditions for her surrender were not unreasonable. He wanted her to be comfortable and loved. He wanted her to have her walks and not be in a cage. He wanted her to be happy.

Mr. Wynne found out about Sled Dog Rescue and got in contact. Shortly after a lovely chat Tina joined our team. We assured him that we will never let Tina live in a cage.With a lighter heart that his beloved Tina would still enjoy her life he took one way trip to say last goodbyes to his child.

The word knows Barry Wynne as WW2 veteran and as a talented writer. We were honored to get to know Barry Wynne as a person who is worried about his dog. His heart will find peace when he knows that Tina has a forever loving home.

This isn’t a story of a no-man dog. This is a story about strong friendship between human and his dog.  Lets try to deliver good news to both Mr. Wynne and Tina and help her find home where she will be loved just as much as she was loved living with her wonderful daddy.

If you want to see how Tina lives now under the care of Sled Dog Rescue, please click HERE