Leila taught her puppies a new game

Since Leila was rescued in December 2019, she has shown us what a wonderful mother she is in so many ways. Not only would she take basic care of her puppies, but she would also guide them, separate them when they get too rough with each other, and help them to calm down.

Recently Leila started to do something funny. She discovered a pile of items the caregiver put for some projects. It included twigs, logs, and some other (organic) materials.

Carefully organised pile with some extras that Leila found

Leila has decided that these items have to be relocated. One by one, she moved them to a different location. The next day the caregiver put the items back, but Leila yet again moved them to the same place.

Moving pieces from one pile to another

A couple of times, this happened just for the fun of it and to see how determined she is.

But this is not all. A few days later, her puppies Nala, Amber, Gabi, Oliver, and Peanut, started to mimic this behavior and helped her bring the logs and twigs back.

The whole family is on the mission to win =)