With us since December 17th, 2019.
Update 05.07.2021 :

During the 2020 lockdown, we were unable to do home checks, or fly dogs. So we focused our efforts into trying to put as much into Amber’s education as possible.
Since October 2020 Amber is living in the house with people, other dogs, and cats, as a part of her socialization/ habituation into the human world. She is familiar with the routine, and we did not have accidents in the house. Since Amber was a little puppy it was obvious that she was very oriented to people, and that did not change as she transformed into a young adult. She still has a lot of energy, even on hot days, so definitely would make a good match with people who enjoy an active lifestyle: hiking, investigating, learning. She is the smallest of her siblings and seems to prefer playing with dogs of her size. 

Amber peacefully coexists with the cats she knows since she was a puppy, however, this is not a guarantee that she will accept a strange cat.

We prefer Amber to go to a home with another dog, preferably male ( she gets along with females as well), of similar size ( she is only 18-19kg) and energy levels. Applications of families with smaller dogs, will not be considered.

Amber is a clever, sweet girl, who likes to play with other dogs, enjoys a good game of tug of war with dogs and hoomanz, and generally enjoys life. However, she deserves her own home where she will get all the individual attention every dog should. Please consider offering companionship and a caring home for this sweetheart.

Update 23.09.2020 :

AMBER: she was beautiful as a puppy, but as she gets older, Amber looks ever more beautiful. What a special girl she is.

Amber is looking for a home. She is social with dogs, playful, happy pup. Amber is finishing her first period and will be neutered when hormones are in balance again. =)

Summers are very hot in Cyprus, but we hope volunteers will start coming again and taking dogs out for weekend walks in a few weeks. Then we will have more updates for you.

Meanwhile, we wish Amber to find her home before Christmas. Please share her story, and let’s hope someone special is out there, looking for her. If you can not adopt, please consider fostering or sponsoring her food and living for a month.


Update 11.03.2020 :
A lot of things happened since our last update. Firstly we are proud to say that our Princess-In-The-Boots Amber was a volunteer during Steve Mann workshop that took place in Cyprus in February 2020. At some point, you could see she put so much effort into focusing on all the learning. She really got into it, and we admire her little determined personality. You can scroll to see the videos.

Amber already received two vaccinations, passport, microchip, and de-worming treatment. She will be ready to fly to her forever home somewhere mid to end of April 2020.

Amber’s love for people is developing every day. She is truly one little nosy, curious, and a boisterous little puppy. Just like a typical healthy puppy, she keeps everyone busy, but she also brings a lot of laughter and joy.

Amber and her siblings also had puppy classes last week. Amber was socialized to the leash, collar, and harness. The trainer has just started teaching Amber how to cope with frustration, but we had to postpone puppy classes for two weeks. With daily little training sessions, it became much easier to manage their energy level, which of course, reduces destruction =) We are looking forward to puppies to return to their classes.

Amber is on her life adventure that she would love to share with caring, compassionate hoo-man ! If you are one of them, looking for furry companion, go on, fill out adoption application ( link  below).

If you wish to help Amber with vet bills, please click HERE.


Amber is most energetic amongst her siblings and also most human-oriented. She engages volunteers and staff in the most creative ways, like playfully attacking and undoing your shoelaces. Other times she steals something from people and runs away with the happiest smile on her face.
Amber likes to be touched and give her little cute puppy licks.

Amber’s best buddy is her brother Oliver. These two are constantly on an adventure and both play more roughly with each other.

As we are writing this, little Amber is only been living for less than two months. There are a lot of things she will learn as she grows up. However, even from such early age you can see her personality shining with confidence, curiosity and special love she has for human attention.

Each week we will post updates on Amber’s development.
Meanwhile, if you are interested in adopting this little  ball of energy and joy, please consider adopting Amber and giving her beautiful life.

Medical history

December 2019 – veterinary examination did not detect any health problems.
January 2020 – de-worming
February 2020 – 1st &2nd t vaccination
March 2020 – 3rd vaccination, microchip.
May 9th, 2020 – Amber started her first  period.
August 2020 – deworming, tests,  Clavomid 500 mg/125 mg, half in the morning, half in the evening to treat an allergic reaction to a snake bite.
November 23rd,  2020- Amber was neutered.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Amber will be given for adoption with an international passport, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Do you want to foster her? Please fill out the foster form.
To apply for her adoption please fill out the Application form

Sponsor Amber

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