With us since July 2018.

What happened to Angi was something that happens more often than anyone would want and even though dog is the innocent one, usually he or she is the one to pay the price. When Angi was rescued, she was only few steps away from being euthanized by her own family. You may wonder why.

One beautiful summer day  a child decided to wrap a rope around dog’s neck and choke it. Unfortunately, this was not first time this child was mistreating a dog and this was also not the first time parents seen it, but didn’t take steps to reach their son more appropriate behavior.

We do believe Angi is the most patient dog you can find as even when she was pushed above her limits all she did was snap, to get away from her little abuser.

Even though in situations like this parents are the only one to be blame, they did not take responsibility for lack of parenting and instead set up deadline for the dog to be either ” rehomed” or otherwise they were threatening to euthanize her. Luckily with an effort from a volunteer Angi was surrendered under the care of Sled Dog Rescue. Even though it may seem very sad, since Angi joined the sanctuary she has been nothing but a happy dog. One may even think, she might have been happy to get away from her ex-family =D

Looking at Angi’s almost obesity when she came to us, we realized she probably was never really walked. So imagine all the joy she got having payments, lots of space and freedom from stress. Angi is  back to normal weight and looking at her you would never say she is 9 years old.

Angi left her past behind and does not hold any grudges against people. All she wants is to be brushed, massaged, loved, patted, cuddled ( but not hugged) all day long.

Angi would benefit from more quiet household, she still is an active girl and keep in mind 9 years for huskies is not an old age.

Angi shares her home with Raksha , Diego, Faith and Mailo and she is fine with all of them. She also loves to search for cookies when we hide them in different places. She is food motivated and keen to learn, just like usually dogs are but now she is in age when she is calmer and … well, more reasonable haha

If you walk 2-3 hours a day and love to play games with the dog, Angi may be that perfect companion, who will after long day snuggle up for cuddle.

Angi is so great, she deserved all the love in the world. Please consider adopting her.

Medical history

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
She will have CBC test prior the flight, will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, with an international passport.

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