*** Adopted 2018 in Switzerland ***

Few years back the long and exhausting journey of finding love and safety started for Arvo. Yet another dog with no name, no collar and probably sad story that he can not tell, found himself wondering streets of Cyprus.

Arvo probably did not wonder long time. In Cyprus a lot of people are obsessed with the way huskies look, but not bothered to even try to understand that this breed struggle in that climate. So being stray husky is unsafe for many reasons: poison, traffic, but also because while no one cares about poor mongrels, once someone sees stray husky they seem to have a need to possess this beautiful dog. This is what happened to Arvo. Concerned citizen removed him from the streets, just so he could bring him home and put him on the chain.This is how he lived for few years till government authorities confiscated him.

We believe that in a very strange way the family who collected him from the streets loved him, but standards for dog ownership in Cyprus are so low due to ignorance, that most of the people think that having regular meals is enough for any dog.

Arvo is about 4 years ago, so when he was picked up he was still very young dog who needed lots of socialization, playtime with other dogs and walks, so he could learn how to be and interact in the world of humans. He was denied all that.

He joined our team in October 2017 and made quite a good progress since. In May 2018 he finally found someone who could foster him in Cyprus. His foster dad works 8 hours a day and when other volunteers can, they take Arvo out during the day, but not on daily basis.

We understand that this is not ideal situation, but it is so much better than kennels and we are anyway aiming on finding forever home as soon as possible. Arvo does not mind to be alone, as long as he has his toys around, he can keep himself busy. However, this is only short term solution and he can not be adopted to a family who works full time unless there is solution to that. When his daddy comes home, he makes little happy dance, goes in circles and picks up a toy to bring him. It is so heart-warming to watch. In the kennels he would not share his toys with anyone, but he is willing to give most precious to his beloved human.

Arvo can be adopted as a single dog or with very social, easy going and friendly female/male that can help and guide him into the world of social contacts. We do not think he ever would be a pack dog. He went on a group walk with the rest of shelter dogs in March 2018 and he did well , but some dogs he just did not like. Usually when that happens, he makes a lot of fuss and noise, but not quick to attack.

Arvo is absolutely amazing with all people and kids ( as long as kids are respectful)
Arvo is a not just a dog to adopt, he is a true treasure.

With us since October 2017.

Medical history

October 2017 – CBC test – ok
November 2017 – CBC test – ok, Erlichia snap test – negative, Passport, Leishmania snap test – negative, Microchip, Milbemax, IFAT Leish Test – negative, Seresto. Neutering.
January 2018 –  vet visit due to injuries after being attacked by another dog.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 350 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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Arvo loves toys