Baikal was first spotted roaming the streets in February 2018. This was the first time we noticed him, but since the owner was found the same day, we assumed it was a happy reunion. However, already one month later this boy was again roaming the streets. Baikal is exceptionally gorgeous husky, with luxurious coat. it is hard for a dog like that to stray without being noticed by many.
His looks were both his curse, but also his savior. We tried to track him, as he kept going from one family to another faster than we could catch him. People would collect him from the streets feeling sorry for him, but not knowing anything about the breed, they would leave him in the garden and he would escape. Over and over and over again. Luckily after some time we did manage to capture him and he was placed in the kennels.

We also managed to track his owner, who no longer wanted Baikal and he signed the ownership off.

Now Baikal is looking for forever home. He is a very nice chap. If you would to meet him he would melt your heart instantly. Baikal is gorgeous inside and out. He is mild tempered, but do not confuse it with being lazy, he is still a young husky boy, who loves to socialize with both people and dogs. Baikal gets along well with all dogs. In the sanctuary he bonded very well with Sheldon and Arvo ( male dogs), but he also loves to play with girls.

He is great in the car, wonderful in the vet clinic, He is a soft fluffy giant.

With all that lush coat it is rally too hot for Baikal, so we are hoping he will find home in a country with colder climate.
If you’ are looking for a sweet companion, please apply to adopt or foster Baikal.

With us since March 2018

Medical history

March 2018 – CBC, Microchip, Passport, 4DX- negative, Seresto + Advantix
April 2018 – IFAT Leishmania test came negative. Neutered.
May 2016 – first vaccination
July 2017 – second vaccination

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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Sponsor Baikal

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IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74

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