With us since December 2018.

Bars story may be hard to believe. Originally brought from Bulgaria with intention to be bred, he ended up in dog rescue. You can read more about it clicking HERE.

Meanwhile we would like to tell you about Bars the way he is today, 6 months later.

When Bars was rescued he was spooky, weary of strangers and various noises. Everything new was frightening and world did not feel like a safe place to him. It is understandable, considering he was tossed around from the “breeder” in Bulgaria to family in Cyprus , then to foster home and then another foster home. Bars used to live with children before but from even little we know about him, life with kids must have been very stressful for him. Top it off that dog was ill with heartworm all this time and never taken to the vet for proper diagnosis. He had to go through so many changes while he was still ill. Who would not get stressed?

Since Bars was placed in foster home he went through a journey of physical and emotional recovery. Currently Bars is sharing a home with female husky.  Despite living with the family as a pet before that, his training was clearly neglected. It is only in foster home with Sled Dg Rescue did Bars learned basics such as sit, down and walking on leash etc. The progress is undeniable, but he still have to be reassured that world is a safe place where he can eventually live without the fear.

In the house Bars is great. He can stay alone for couple of hours without stress. Bars did not mind, even when he had to be on reduced walking schedule due to his heartworm treatment. He is not yet crate trained, so this  is still work in progress and it does take longer than usually , but we are not giving up. Eventually he would have to fly and without being crate trained he may lose this opportunity.

Bars is still weary of strangers walking into the house, so family have to be patient and continue his socialization when he moves to forever home. He does not express any aggression, he just barks and if people disrespect his space, he runs away and hides.

On the positive note Bars is very expressive, like an open book. He will always very clearly will let you know what is in his mind and what he is feeling. After few minutes of initial introduction to people ( given that it was done correctly and he offers interaction voluntarily) he warms up to people and becomes his usual, friendly, happy sammie.

Bars loves training and working for treats, which helps his foster home to boost his confidence through learning and succeeding. After all, we all love when we succeed and that is the same for humans, we gain more confidence with every success. Family who considers adopting him, have to have training experience or if not have to have access to training resources. Our volunteers will always offer training tips and advise as well.

Bars can sometimes be weary of new objects and noises. On his walks if he encounters something unknown or strange, he may stop to observe it. In these cases he receives reassurance from his foster mama that everything is okay and safe. No dog should be forced into doing what he doesn’t want to do, but especially Bars. Pulling, tugging, raising voice, getting angry at him will only break up his trust in humans. However, with correct motivation he is very keen on working, learning and bonding with people.

Bars gets along really well with female dogs , but can be picky with male dogs. In general we think he can be socialized to accept all males, but this would take a little bit of time and patience.

We imagine the best home for him would be in a quiet place ( not a busy citu), probably somewhere in a country side. We are sure he would benefit from living with a social, friendly and confident female, who can help him boost his confidence. Bars would do well in a family with no children, since he is sensitive to noises and sudden movements.

For most of people Bars may seem as too much trouble but we know that he is worth every minute of time and efforts his foster family put in him. When Bars wants something: attention, food, go for a walk he runs up to his people and start poking them with his nose. This is really hilarious and something he did himself, he was not taught his behavior. Every meal time while his foster mom puts food in his bowl, he pokes her in the butt in excitement. It is always funny to watch.

Sometimes when Bars sees a new object he isn’t sure about, he will poke it and wait for what happens next and then repeat it couple of times. Bars also loves playing with puzzle toys.

He is currently fed raw meat diet , as he refuses to eat kibble. His future family would have to take this into consideration.

Overall, Bars is one-in-a-million dog. He is funny, curious, playful, friendly with a drop of charming shyness. To the people he loves he will offer the biggest smiles like a true sammie he is!

Medical history

December 2018 – CBC test. 4DX showed positive for heartworm. Heart ultrasound. Seresto.

January 2019 – Started heartworm treatment: Millbemax 1 pill and Doxat 5 pills per day for 28 days.

February 2019 – finished 28 days treatment followed by vet check up. 2nd Millbemax pill given.

March 2019 – first injection of Immiticite + Milbemax. Weight 24.3 kg. Started Corotrope 5mg. First 7 days 2,5 pills twice a day. Next 7 days 2,5 pills once a day. The last 14 days 2,5 pills every other day. Restricted walks during the treatment.

April 2019 –  second and third injections of Immiticite + Milbemax. Continuing Corotrope 5mg. First 7 days 2,5 pills twice a day. Next 7 days 2,5 pills once a day. The last 14 days 2,5 pills every other day.

May 2019 – scheduled blood test for to confirm that microfliarea isn’t present anymore. Final test to confirm successful treatment will be done in 6 months (regular snip test).

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Bars will be given for adoption  with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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