*** Adopted in Germany in 2020 ***

With us since January 2018

UPDATE December 2019: Bella is currently in foster home in Germany with five other dogs.

Bella is our energetic, loving husky diva, who is in great need of forever home.

Currently, she is in Switzerland, not far from Zurich. Before Bella flew to Switzerland, she was in our Sanctuary in Cyprus where she quickly made friends with dogs and cats. She always had a soft spot for kids and simply loved the company of children of all ages that were coming to the Sanctuary.

Bella loves doing bikejoring, but if you are looking for a dog to participate in competitions, she may not be fast enough. She, however, enjoys it at her own pace and it is fun to do it with her. We have been imagining that the best family for her would be someone who likes an active lifestyle, someone who loves to be engaged with dogs. Bella loves to be, play, and work with people. Bella is very observant of people’s emotional state, so she would be a good match with someone calm and confident.
It doesn’t really matter if you have kids or not, but you have to be sure that you have time for your dog. Time to correctly introduce her to the environment, teach your children to be respectful and assure her that she is safe with you.

Bella is a young, dynamic, people-oriented dog. In our opinion, the best option for Bella would be adopted in a family with a male dog or as a single dog. Considering the circumstances, we do not want to take risks and try her with multi-dogs households. We want to play it very safe to make sure that the home we find for her this time is exactly what she needs to be happy.

You must be wondering how come a pure breed, beautiful and seemingly wonderful dog ended up in rescue, to begin with?

Bella’s story began in Cyprus in January 2018 when her previous owner surrendered her to Sled Dog Rescue. The reason for surrender was moving to another country. However, considering that at the time she was only 8 months old, we suspect there was more than one reason. Too often, huskies become victims of their own ” exotic” looks and people’s ignorance. Ignorance itself is not a crime, no one knows everything. However, most times, dogs are ending up in rescue as a result of people’s lack of motivation to invest time, finances, and efforts into their dogs. So instead of learning and overcoming challenges with knowledge, they pick the easiest way: get rid of the dog.

The only good thing about Bella’s situation was that she never had to be in the shelter or on the streets. She was moved to The Sanctuary, where she shared a home with multiple dogs, cats, and people. During this time she was familiarized with everything a dog needs to know about life with people: TV, vacuum cleaner and other noises, people’s behavior, etc. Every night she would go to sleep in bed with the staff. It was hard not to adore Bella.

We were very thrilled when in March 2018 Bella flew to Switzerland. This should have been her Happy Beginning story, and it was for a while. Bella traveled for holidays to France with her daddy, would go to work with him, go bikejoring and hiking. It was a fairy tale. Her adopter was so happy with her.

However, 1,5 years later, life took a different turn. Her owner moved in with his girlfriend, who had 9 dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs did not like Bella. For safety reasons, they were separated, and the family kept on working on socializing two dogs to each other. As it was slowly getting better, another obstacle appeared on the way. The landlord made amendments to the rental agreement, which made it impossible to separate dogs within the same household anymore. The family contacted us seeking advise. After careful discussion, it was agreed that finding a new home for Bella would be the best option.

At some point on her way to happiness, Bella’s luck turned away from her. However, we believe that with the help of people who can share her story, we can find her the perfect home.

If you think you have what it takes to be a good caregiver to Bella, go ahead and fill out an adoption application.

Bella may be just waiting for you!

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 450 Euros.
She had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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