On October 9th, 2017 Bianca and her puppy Eve were found roaming the fields. We believe someone drove her and abandoned her in the fields, as the location was too far from any villages and cities, so no way her puppy could walk that far..

Municipality collected her and put her in government pound. Bianca did not look very well and it seems her health was neglected long time ago. Volunteers took her to the vets and she was diagnosed with Erlichia and Anaplasmosys, for which she is getting treatment now. Also, she had a lot of worms, poor thing. How sick she must have felt all this time.
Like many dogs, but especially Nordics, she is starved for human attention. She is stressed in the kennels and cries a lot, but once taken out she is is a different dog.
Bianca also is a clean dog, so she will hold as long as possible to not do her toilet in her cage. Since it is a government pound, she is not walked every day and the longer she stays holding it, the more she is at risk of getting bladder infection.

Everything seems to be working against her at the moment. Apart from being ill and stressed in her cage, according to laws of Cyprus she extended her stay and if new dogs come in, she would be first on list to be euthanized.

We plea to those of you who have a heart, please take her in foster care. She has interest from abroad to be adopted, but we can’t help her, if she is in the pound.

With us since 09.10.2017

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
She had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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