With us since February 2016.

Info 2019

In December 2016  three dogs left Cyprus to fly to their forever homes in Germany. One of them was Cesar. At first it worked out well for all  of them  but two years later Cesar returned to us.

Series of unfortunate events led Cesar’s adopter to make decision that she thought was best for him. After we became aware of the situation, we decided it would be best if Cesar is moved to foster home, where he can enjoy  attention he needed in a stress free environment.

Cesar first came under our care in February 2016. His first owner rehomed him to military family in Cyprus. After a year of being their pet Cesar was left behind when family relocated back to the U.K. As a result he ended up with us and was later rehomed to a couple in Germany. Unfortunately after two years with them, circumstances changed and Cesar was returned under our care in April 7, 2019.

We are happy to say that even though Cesar was unfortunate to lose 3 homes, these events did not reflect on his personality. He is still his usual goofy-self.
On the walks he wants to go and greet everyone, but he listens well if he is called back. Cesar likes meeting other fellow doggies and sometimes can seem overly enthusiastic, which can make some  people feel  uncomfortable. His intentions are friendly and he is just trying to initiate the game.

Currently he is living in foster home in Dusseldorf with female husky. He walks with a 5 meter towline. He does not pull and orients himself to his foster mom and his foster sister very well. Even when the leash is dropped he still sticks around.

Uncharacteristically for huskies, Cesar really loves to please people, so it is really really easy to train him and he loves it very much.

He is a husky, but when it comes to food Cesar becomes a Labrador. Whatever he can find on the walks, or on the kitchen counters, tables etc he will steal it and he will eat it with great pride. He likes to beg and can even howl a little bit when you do not share your meal with him. It really upsets him, but he is learning right now that this behavior does not get him anything, so it reduced already.

In the house he wants to be as close to his person as possible, but if another dog presumed closer position he would not object or persist, but rather accept that he was late =D

So far Cesar can stay alone ( with another dog) for 2-3 hours without problems.

We are looking for a person who has life stability and loves to spent time with a dog.  Cesar is just big hairy baby. He would give all his big and kind heart to the person who would love him. If you want to be this special person for Cesar, please apply to adopt him.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 450 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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