With us since February 2019.

From the day Chevak joined the Sanctuary, he is a perfect boy. He gets along with dogs, loves playing tug-of-war, and enjoys walkies.

Chevak, or as we lovingly call him Chevy, is a very laid back dog. He is a Reggie-husky: ” Don’t worry, be happy” – kind of a guy. Chevy’s natural soft and calm temperament helped dogs like Maya, Silky, and Morgan with their initial socialization.

Chevak also likes to play fetch. Occasionally, however, he would rip the ball. Eventually, our ” ball” losses increased significantly. But bigger concern was damage to the dog’s teeth from tennis balls. We did not want to stop playing fetch with him, so the ball was replaced by shred safe options: fruits and vegetables ( apples, carrots, etc.).

Strangely enough, there was a phase where Chevy’s favorite fruit to play with was lemon. He never attempted to shred the lemon.

Chevy settled in from day one, and the whole experience was almost idyllic. Unfortunately, in April 2019, Chevy suddenly started to struggle walking. The caregiver rushed him to the vet clinic for x-rays.

According to the x-rays and examination, our vet suspected – cauda equina syndrome. Chevy was prescribed pain killers and recommended to stay away from slippery floors. We also were advised to keep his weight stable. Our vet, however, warned us that this was not a diagnosis, but a suspicion. In order to find out for sure, MRI has to be performed. As we investigated this option, we found out that vet clinics in Cyprus do not have MRI equipment. The only option is to request permission from the hospital. If any would allow, then the dog can get MRI. This process also can take months.

Luckily, the symptoms did not persist. Chevak started to get a little bit better every day. Once he recovered, volunteers worked on building his muscles to help him enjoy the usual activities as before.

Today Chevy is doing well. He is not as active as he used to be and takes more time to rest, but he shows no signs of pain. Chevy also takes turns with Maya to play with younger, and more energetic Morgan.

We believe that Chevy’s future family would have to have access to a physiotherapist and keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing whether the incident will re-occur or not. However, we believe that with a good quality diet and supplements, Chevy has a great chance to stay fit for many years.

There is something about Chevak that gives a puppy vibe. Usually laid back and calm, he turns into an excited, happy puppy in anticipation of training sessions. He loves learning, and especially if it involves yummy treats.

Chevy would love to live in the family where he will have moderate walks ( for a husky) and daily mind-work and playtime. Among other things we mentioned above, Chevy enjoys sniff games. We scatter treats among pebbles and grass and let the nose work. He really enjoys finding and eating them.

This is all for now, but keep checking his page, as we will be posting updates. Or better, apply to adopt Chevak.


Medical history

February  2019 – Chevak came to us already neutered and vaccinated, with passport.
April 2019 – X-rays and examination. Suspicion for cauda equina syndrome. Five days of cortisol and further painkillers.
July 2019 – Chevak did exercises to build muscles.
2019-2020 – routine vet check ups, de-worminng, seresto collar etc.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Chevak will be given for adoption with an international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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