The story of how Diego ended up with our rescue you can read HERE.

Diego joined our rescue in March 2018 and since then he was on a journey of beautiful transformation. At the beginning he could not be touched. He was not scared of people, but he would not approach them, he would not sit beside volunteers and he would not look at people’s faces.

Association dogs develop with people depend on their previous experiences. Diego was not physically abused, he was however deprived from everything that dog needs to be happy.

Diego was very withdrawn from people, but at least he was good with dogs. We believed that the rest of the dogs in the sanctuary will also help him eventually to open up to people. Sometimes they just need time, space and their own pace.

It worked.

His very first strong bond he established with our volunteer Mike. That is where the transformation journey started. At that point Diego did not realize yet he could experience the affection he had with Mike with other people too, so attention he was getting became of a very high value for him. That added an element of jealousy when Mike would try to play with other dogs, especially the ones who also had strong bond with him.

That stage lasted  for some weeks. We had to make certain arrangements, such as placing Diego in a smaller group that he felt more comfortable with Nina, Angi ( females) and Winny  ( Samoyed male).

As he kept on establishing relationships with more volunteers, his jealousy started to go away.

Now you can see Diego sitting next to a volunteer who is cuddling Platon and Nina, and he won’t mind. He is just happy to be next to you.

FOOD: Diego is eating as there is no tomorrow, which makes us believe that he was not getting regular meals before. Feeding him in a slow feeder would be beneficial for his health. Regardless, he is eating in the presence of other dogs and people peacefully.

CATS: Diego is the only dog we did not succeed socializing with cats yet and we are not sure if this ever would be possible, so a home with no cats would be one of the requirements for his adoption.

DOGS: With a little bit of work he can be integrated into a pack with males and females, but we think he would have easier time settling with a social female or as a single dog. Outside his home he is good with all dogs.

ACTIVITY:  Diego is highly active dog and as much as we try to entertain our dogs, we are limited by the climate and resources. Nothing can be better than actual , loving home. We think he would do well in dog sports, such as bikejoring and canicross on hobbyist level. In any case if your walking schedule allow only 2 hours walking/day this would not be enough for Diego, unless some of that time would be spent doing high intensity exercises and mental work.
From a withdrawn skinny and miserable dog in a matter of only months he transformed into a beautiful, trusting fella. We know that his transformation is not over, as only now he started to learn that life can actually be beautiful.

Adopting Diego would make that person probably the happiest person in the world.

Diego has mind open to learning, open to new experiences and he desperately want to bond with people.

Medical history

March 2018 – CBC – ok, IFAT Leishmania test – negative, Ehrlichia snap test – negative. Annual vacc, Rabies vacc, Microchip, Passport, De-worming
June 2018 – CBC, Neutering.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
He had blood tests,microchiped, was neutered, vaccinated and has an International Passport.

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