With us since September 13 , 2018.

When we saw Emily for the  first time she was blind, deaf and was only one day old.

But lets go back to where the story begins. In September 2018 we were notified about stray and heavily pregnant husky living near army base. It took some time to make arrangements and collect her. We did not know when she was due to give birth, but from the way she looked we could tell it could happen any minute. We were almost on time and managed to collect mama and puppies the day after the puppies were born.

They were nothing like their mother from the day one. All black and you could barely see the difference between them. It worried us that they spent the first day in a cold ground, so from the very beginning the foster mom made sure that they have warm and clean environment.

This is how little Emily and her siblings stormed into our lives and as she was growing the feeling of worry was replaced by endless joy of watching her getting stronger, bigger and chubbier by hour.

As we are writing this Emily and her siblings are now a little bit over 2 months old and ready to find forever homes.

Each puppy is born with his or her own personality. Among her siblings Emily is the little evil genius. She was the first to figure out how the cat flap works, so she can enter the house any time she wants. While in the house she has a very good sense of coordination and knows exactly where to run and go to get to the food of other dogs. One time as a part of her gravity experiments she pushed her brother into the swimming pool and observed what happened next. She definitely is a sharp puppy with sense of humor.

Emily is very encouraged by food, so we believe that with the right motivation learning won’t be a difficult for her.

Just as her siblings Emily did not like to harnesses, but she took one step further and tried to eat hers and her siblings harnesses.

One thing Emily will never be – a boring dog. Her intelligence in combination with curiosity will get her in troubles, but with the right guidance she will make an excellent companion when adult.

If you are looking for a puppy to take for walks only, well, keep looking. Emily would absolutely benefit from her mind being occupied.

If you are an active person who loves to engage in your pet’s life, Emily may be the right choice for you.

Medical history

September 2018 – emergency examination due to two puppies breathing heavily. Veterinary checked their lungs – the oxygen supply is normal, heartbeat was strong in all puppies.

October 2018 – first and second de-worming treatment. First vaccination Primdog L452225 30/11/2020 + passport.

November 2018 – Second vaccination + de-worming

December 2018 – 3rd vaccination


Rabies vaccination on December 26, 2018

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Emily will be fully vaccinated, with microchip and passport when he is ready to travel in mid January 2019.

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