*** Adopted in the Netherlands in 2018 ***

When Eve was found abandoned in the fields with her mama Bianca, we struggled to understand how come someone can just dispose from a little innocent puppy this way. Leaving them in the middle of nowhere, in such early age to survive on her own.

You would think that having such a harsh start in life would make Evie timid, unsure, insecure… Well, no. Everything about Evie is just amazing. All dogs are cooperative, some more, others less, but you would have to look very hard for 8 months old puppy with such an amazing ability to focus and pay attention. We do know for sure that Evie is highly intelligent dog. When she plays with new dogs, she tried to adapt herself to the dog’s playing style, to make dog comfortable with her. We believe she could make a good therapy dog for other dogs. Even the most timid dogs feel very relaxed around her. Evie’s learning abilities are impressive, it takes less than 5 minutes for her to learn new tricks.

Ofcorse she is a puppy still, so she does express some of the puppy behavior, such as bouncing sometimes and trying to play with various ( sometimes forbidden) objects. We feel so lucky we found her, as it feels we found a treasure. Evie would love to be in an active family, with people who love training dogs and teaching them various tricks. Anything she would do, whether it would be agility, dog dancing, cani cross or and especially any activity that involves resolving problems and learning new things, she would do great in it,

If you are that person, please do not miss the chance to adopt this wonderful, one in a million, unique dog.
Eve is currently in foster home in The Netherlands, she is fully vaccinated, with microchip, passport. Happy and healthy girl!

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
She had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74

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