*** Adopted in Germany in October 2019 ***

Faith rescue operation took place in January 2018. With an assistance of Veterinary Services Faith and her 7 newborn puppies were submitted under the care of Sled Dog Rescue.

Since Faith joined our rescue she was nothing but a delight. First as a wonderful mother to her puppies, later as a playmate, companion and friend to other dogs under our care as well as volunteers.

You can read more about Faith’s rescue story HERE.

Meanwhile we want to tell you not about Faith how she was when we rescued her: with desperation in her eyes, only mother can understand and weakness in her body from long term malnutrition. Instead we want to tell you about young, energetic , slightly crazy and overly optimistic Faith we got to know after she was given love, care and company.
Always with big smile on her “face” Faith races though her life as if nothing bad ever going to happen to her again. Sometimes we think she completely forgot all about her past.

Sometimes she is overly optimistic, like that time when she got her leg stuck in the gate and broke it. Other times she is a bit too friendly, when she sits with her head stuck under the couch believing that this is exactly what will get the cat to come out and play with her. Many times she is just utter cuddle monster and all of the times she loves to play with other dogs. Faith brings them tug toys to play. That’s her favorite game.

Even though she has been a wonderful mother to her little puppies, Faith herself never had a chance for proper puppy-hood. You know the one we give our dogs with lots of toys, and walkies. Not getting  upset with their little innocent faces even when they did something horrendous. Giving them all the tastiest treats and foods. Cuddling and loving them fascinated by how fast they grow and learn. Faith never had that kind of experience as a puppy.
She was just miserable, tied to the tree puppy, craving for company and cuddles. So she is catching up with it now.

Faith is fully invested to re-live the puppy-hood that was stolen from her, so she does all those things that puppies do: bounce, investigate, learn new things all the time.

We imagine Faith would settle well with the family who likes to be outside: hiking, jogging, camping etc. She adores to play with other dogs, so would settle well with another young dog ( may be too active for an older dog).

Faith is amazing with cats to the point she can sleep in the same bed with a cat without problem.

Faith is great family dog for active people. If you looking into 30 min three times a day, Faith might be a bit too active to fit with you , as at this point she’d need couple of hours /day.

One of the fascinating facts about Faith is that she is a fast leaner. It took only few seconds for her to learn to lie down. She is keen to listen, she does enjoy pleasing people, but at the same time she still keeps her independent husky spirit.

Medical history

January 2018 – CBC, antibiotics injection was given and Clavaseptin (oral antibiotics).4DX Snap – negative. IFAT test – negative. prescribed special food for nursing mothers.
February 2018 –  1.7 ml/once a day of Galastop for 7 days
March 2018 – CBC. Neutering. Microchip. Rabies vaccine.

August 2018: X-rays followed by emergency surgery as a result of broken leg. Details you can find HERE

Follow up vet check ups showed that the leg healed perfectly well and Faith is back to be active, running, playing.

It does not seem she experience any kind of pain in connection to her broken leg.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
She had  blood tests, is vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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