With us since December 17th, 2019.

JUNE 29th 2020 UPDATE

UPDATE 11.03.2020:

A lot of things happened since our last update. Firstly we are proud to say that our little Gabi was a volunteer during Steve Mann workshop that took place in Cyprus in February 2020. Even though on that day Gabi was a little bit sleepy, he still had a lot of fun.

His ears are standing up now. Every day, we witness him developing more into a sweet, sensitive boy. Gabi and his siblings also had one week of puppy classes, where they were socialized to wearing harnesses, collars, and leash. Every day Gabi also gets his dinner, lunch or breakfast in the Kong. He enjoys it very much.

Recently Gabi bruised himself, probably during playtime with siblings. He receives compress treatment and is having a break from playtime with siblings at the moment. Gabi enjoys the time he spends with his caregiver and getting all the cuddles.

In two weeks, we will try to restart their puppy school, and we are sure it would make pups very happy.

Unfortunately, Gabi’s vet bills are pending, so he would appreciate if you could help him or his siblings a little bit.
Link to the fundraiser is HERE.

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Gabi is our big and gentle boy. He is as energetic as Oliver and Amber, but prefers more gentle games. That makes him a great match with Nala. 

He is the biggest puppy in his litter and most even tempered. Gabi is easy with pretty much everything: dogs, people, new situations.

He is a confident and rather calm ( in comparison to some of  his siblings , lets not point fingers).

He prefers to hang out with his nerdy sister Nala and they always take all their naps together. 

Ofcorse there is still a lot to learn about him as he gets older and we only hope that he will find his family soon to learn all the amazing things about this lovely pupster.

Every week we will be posting an update on Gabi’s development.

Meanwhile, if he has captured your heart, just offer him that beautiful life he deserves.

Medical history

December 2019 – veterinary examination did not detect any health problems.
January 2020 – de-worming
February 2020 – first vaccination

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Gabi will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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Sponsor Gabi

If you wish to sponsor Gabi’s fees, please donate to:

IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74

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