With us since March 3rd, 2019.

Henry is a six year old Akita male that has been with us since March 2019.  He ended up in the Sled Dog Rescue sanctuary due to blindness caused by VKH syndrome which was not treated in time.  Henry was already blind when he reached us, and he is currently receiving treatment for his skin which is also affected by VKH.  Despite his blindness however, Henry is a big, happy, bouncy boy.  If you would like to read more about a typical day in Henry’s life click ‘here’.

Due to his blindness, Henry’s behaviour differs slightly from what we perceive as a “normal” dog.  He is fully reliant on his caregiver to direct him through the environment, and especially so in a new environment.  Luckily Henry is a very smart and people oriented boy.  He has learned some words that his caregiver can use to warn him of specific obstacles in front of him.  A couple of these are ‘Step” and “Bumpy”.  Step is used when there is an obstacle in front of him that he will need to step over.  “Bumpy” is used when there is an obstacle that he will need to move around and cannot be otherwise stepped over.  While Henry is extremely people oriented, it is important to give him more space and time to adjust to a new person.  Without visual cues, Henry needs a bit more time to understand what is happening and who these new people are.

Despite his blindness however, once Henry takes a liking to you he knows exactly how to wrap around your leg and start humping you.  We just let him have his moment.  We want to encourage happy interactions with people.  The excitement usually lasts a few seconds and then he calms down.

When Henry first arrived he was sensitive to touch, but it did not take him long to trust us and now he is comfortable around those he already knows.  Henry will need a little more consideration given to him around bodily contact, and his caregiver will need to reassure and warn Henry when bodily contact is going to take place.

While Henry does not mind dogs, he does get startled if another dog bumps into him.  Currently when Henry is let out of his enclosure for a walk, we let him have the yard to himself.  For this reason we believe that Henry would do best as either a single dog, or paired with another dog friend that is mellow, not boisterous and, respectful of personal boundaries.

If you want to read more about Henry’s history leading up to his arrival at our sanctuary, grab some tissues and click ‘here’

Medical history

2019 – CBC test, biochemistry test, clinical examination, basic ophthalmological examination. Referral to a certified ophthalmologist was recommended. Skin treatment provided. Contact us for more information about his health.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Henry will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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