*** Adopted in the Netherlands in 2019 ***

With us since March 8th, 2019.

If you would have met Homer in person it would never occur to you  that he is what people imagine typical rescue dog. Homer’s love for human affection makes you think that he was surrounded by love his entire life.

As much as we would want it to be true, Homer’s actual story is typical for rescue dog in Cyprus. Even though it is illegal, it is a common practice in Cyprus to keep pet dogs on the roofs of buildings.

The climate in Cyprus is already unsuitable for snow dogs. Placing them on the roof means exposing them to the hottest spot in the entire building. One would think this should be a common sense, but so many examples of “ roof dogs” in Cyprus show that it is not.

In April 2018 a volunteer from local dog shelter drove to pick up Homer. Family of his ex owner asked to rehome him after he had a stroke.

Even though circumstances of surrender are very sad, this was a winning card for Homer. It was clear from the very beginning that Homer was not taken care of properly. He had scarring on his nose and tips of ears, which later was explained by Leishmania diagnosis.

Luckily it was not too late and Homer successfully finalized his treatment. Now he gets one pill daily, which would have to be given to him for the rest of his life. The purpose of the pill is preventative, to decrease the chance of Leishmania re-occurring. On average these pills cost about 10-20 Euros/month.

After 11 months without any success rehoming him, acting in his best interest the shelter transferred Homer to us in March 2019.

It is only scars on his nose that  remind us that he was so ill. Though, we have to admit they make him look unique =) Homer is endless enthusiast, always thinking that he knows better than you, but can’t help happily bouncing around people each time he meets them. How can  he after all the hardships be so loving?

Homer loves attention , he can be a single dog, as well as with another dog. We think Homer would rather live with beautiful lady , than another hairy man. However, in the Sanctuary he gets along with all dogs. In general, dogs tend to like Homer’s soft personality.

Knowing Homer’s character we believe he would easily settle with teenage kids, but small children might be too loud for a senior gentleman.

Homer enjoy walks very much and sometimes he has better ideas of where to go. If you disagree with him, the best course of action is to sweet talk him into your way. However, if you are not convincing enough, he would drop on the ground and not move. You can’t help but adore his little stubborn moments and how he makes you hold diplomatic negotiations with him =)

Homer never gave us a reason to worry about him. His most favorite activity is to sit next to you and get cuddles. He loves small training sessions that gets him treats, as well as walkies. He would need a home where he can enjoy his retirement bathed in love and attention.

If you think you can offer a perfect home for Homer we would love to find out more about you. Please fill in our Adoption (or Foster Form, if you wish to foster him) below and we will get you started on your new pet adoption.

Medical history

2018 – prior joining Sled Dog Rescue Homer received Leishmania treatment . Vaccinations. Neutered.
Homer will be given for adoption with microchiop, International passport, neutered and up to date with his vaccinations.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Homer will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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Sponsor Homer

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