In January 2018 we were contacted by a family who was looking to rehome their male husky.

The dog was not actually theirs. He used to belong to their son, who left the dog behind after moving abroad. His elderly parents did not have space, time or energy to take care of him and decided to surrender him to Sled Dog Rescue.

Please do not feel confused. You are indeed reading Ishani’s story.

We lined up a foster home for him with a female dog and arranged the date of the transfer.

It is only when the dog actually arrived we realized that HE ( who also had no name) was a SHE. When we pointed that out to the owners, they looked surprised. They really did not care.
She was brought with a chain attached to her collar.  It was so sad to look at her. Extremely underweight ( she was 15 kg and now she is 20 kg), with sad and tired look in her eyes, little did she know that life was just about to get so much better. We are happy she was handed over to us, as in Cyprus many dogs live so poorly that going under the care of rescue with limited resources is still better life. Certainly for Ishani joining SDR was an improvement.

Later during first examination at the vets ( first with us, and possible first in life), Ishani’s blood test showed that she has signs of malnutrition,severe ear infection, teeth that despite her young age were all brown and as all that was not enough later she was also diagnosed with giardia. All that has been treated and Ishani now is in good weight and great health.

DOGS: Since Ishani joined our sanctuary she was nothing but pure joy. During the day she stays with Zoya, Baikal and Arvo. During the evenings, when packs are supervised she mingles with the rest of the dogs in the sanctuary. She can settle with females and males equally. Ishani though loves to play, so we believe she would really enjoy being in a family with one or more dogs. Ishani plays rough , like huskies usually do.

CATS: During the night Ishani stays in the house, where cats live free too.  So far Ishani expressed more interest in TV than in cats but keep in mind these cats are experts on living with huskies. If your cat is not used to dogs, we will send you instruction video on proper and safe cat-dog introduction.

CHILDREN & ADULTS: We know for sure Ishani is great with teenagers. We never had a chance to observe her interacting with small kids. She is incredibly loving, cuddly and gentle with adults.

From a dog who knew nothing, who’s life was chained to one spot, who never experienced love and bonding with hooman  to a real sweet , funny, but still Diva.

Some may say this is our work, but it will not entirely be true. Dogs are great and Ishani is one of them. She was never bad dog, she was betrayed dog and when given love she just opened up and showed us her true beautiful personality.

Medical history

Janury 2018 – CBC, IFAT Leishmania test – negative, Ehrlichia snap test – negative. Annual vacc, Rabies vacc, Microchip, Passport, De-worm, Advantix, Seresto. Teeth needing cleaning.
February 2018 – CBC, Neutering, Teeth cleaning. Ear infection treatment. Giardia treatment.
March 2018 – Giardia treatment for second time.
April 2018 – CBC test showed that Ishani was in good health.
June 2018 – one pupil is bigger than the other. Unfortunately there are no eye specialists/neurologists in Cyprus that can diagnose it. Ishani has no symptoms either, she is active, has good appetite, loves to play and watch TV.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
She had  blood tests,microchiped, was neutered and has an International Passport.

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