With us since December 2019.

The Joey, we know today is a cheeky, funny, and playful dog. He loves cuddles, he loves attention, and he loves his best friend, Lucy. Joey plays with her every day. They both like to play rough, so they are great playmates.

Joey loves to be with people as well. Once he gets to know you better, he becomes cheeky and theatrical, always offering some extra. Joey initiates a game and then wraps himself around the person, like a cat.

Since he discovered training, learning, and getting yummies for learning, it became his favourite hobby. You can see it with your own eyes by watching videos below.

We are also proud of Joey being so good on the leash. During the walk, Joey likes to conduct various small investigations. The main suspects so far were big cactus, flowers, and different trees. After some sniffy-questioning, the suspects were released, and Joey moved on. It is important to give Joey time to get familiar with new objects in the environment. Some things he is still unsure of, like moving cars, even though Joey likes car rides. Joey relies on reassurance from people when he is unsure. He seeks bonding with people through learning, exercising, training, and playing together. His future family would have to be comfortable and familiar with dog training, at least on a very basic level. Joey can also fit with first time husky parents, but under the condition that all the preparations for the continuous training and socialization would be done ahead of time.

What makes Joey win everyone’s heart is his attitude. He is always ready to go on an adventure, always so optimistic. As if nothing bad ever happened to him. One of our volunteers mentioned that Joey is very self-motivating and has a way to motivate everyone around him. One can not help but adore him; after all, he always makes people laugh.

Joey is a young dog who had an awful start in life. He was beaten as a puppy, and the only association he could learn was that people want to hurt him. It took time to convince him otherwise, and now he is a different dog. It only took him three months, and Maria-Christina, the trainer who worked with him, commented that she enjoyed that experience very much.

So what would be the best “match” for Joey?

We believe that Joey would like to live somewhere in the countryside, where it is quieter. He can settle with a playful and social female dog, or as a single dog. Joey does not think of cats as friends, and we suspect other small pets are not friends either. Unfortunately, we do not have opportunities to test dogs with more animals to know for sure.

Joey can not be rehomed in families with children.

We are looking for people capable of providing Joey with life, where he will be feeling safe at all times. He needs a calm environment, a gentle approach, and consistent guidance, just like any other dog.

If you have napkins nearby and you feel like crying, you can read Joey’s Background Story.

You can also read The Trainer’s Report – sled-dog-rescue-evaluation-report-JOY-APRIL-2020.

Joey is such a great dog. It was not fair what happened to him, and that is why he deserves a chance.


Medical history

January 2020 – neutering, vaccinations, microchip, de-worming, passport, x-rays,  blood tests – all clear.
April 2020 –  Seresto collar.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Joey will be given for adoption with an international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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