With us since May 2019

Lara is young, friendly, dynamic dog.  Her previous owner was no longer in a position to provide Lara with proper life and so she entrusted her to us. 

It was noticeable that Lara was borderline obese when she arrived to the sanctuary. She struggled with walking and could not even run at the beginning. You could see her desperately trying to catch up with other dogs, but taking breaks to lie down frequently. 

It took couple of months before she lost the weight and could be neutered. 

Today Lara is a fit, healthy young girl ready to go on life adventure with her own family. 

Lara is very playful and loves all kinds of toys. However, all the games involving toys  have to be strictly supervised, otherwise if left alone she eats them. 

Most of the times when dogs arrive to the sanctuary they are stressed for the first few days, but Lara settled in within one hour. All the dogs are her best friends, she loves them all, big or small, huskies or not. In fact one of her best friends in the sanctuary is little sausage dog Coconut. She plays with him everyday. 

Lara is very motivated to work with people. In her first 5 minutes training session she learned how to sit, how to lie down and touch the palm with her  nose on cue. 

Typically for a young husky she loves running and really enjoys having dog playmates . We believe she would do better in a family with one or more dogs, rather than a single dog. 

Since she arrived that smiley goofy look on  her” face” is permanent now. Almost on every photo you can see this open, even little bit naive personality. 

Lara is always there to calm and support other dogs. Though sometimes her intrusiveness annoys them. If she would be a human, we could say she takes things close to her heart. That is her sensitivity. When her best friend Sinderella was adopted and left to Germany, Lara seemed depressed for few weeks.

Our overall understanding of Lara is that she is sweet, sensitive dog. With the correct knowledge of force free training , gentle and kind approach this dog will open up and conquer your heart forever.

Medical history

May 2019 – CBC test, Annual Vaccination, Passport, Microchip, Deworming
June 2019 – Neutering

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Lara will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated, neutered and microchip-ed.

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