*** Rehomed in 2021 ***

With us since June 2021

Leeta was discovered by volunteers of one of the local pounds in Cyprus, sitting in a bucket. It looks like she was abandoned and did not have a microchip or anyone looking for her. A pound is not a good place for a young puppy, so Leeta went into a foster home.

In about one week in a home, little munchkin grew from 7,9 kg to 9,9 kg. As expected from a husky puppy, she is a bundle of energy and many strong opinions on everything. It became quite obvious that Leeta does not tolerate heat very well. She would find the breeziest spot in the garden and lie down there. Or sleep under the ceiling fan during the day. At night her foster parents take her to the bedroom, so she can sleep under a/c.

She is very friendly with people, as she would come to anyone for attention. Leeta also has a little friend, a small dog named Daisy. They spent a lot of time playing together. As for the cats, she is curious watching them but so far has made no attempts to engage. Leeta seems like a healthy, strong girl with a good appetite. Despite the heat, she is still quite active.

Medical history

June 2021 – CBC test showed low haemoglobin most probably due to poor diet and stress. Following vet advise Leeta was put on raw meat diet. Giardia test – negative. Deworming – Dolpac. Vaccines: rabies, Vanguard CPV-Lepto, Vianguard DS-Pi. Microchip. Passport.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Leeta will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated, and  with microchip.

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