With us since December 17th, 2019.


Leila is a young, energetic female husky. She joined our rescue in December 2019 with her little puppies Amber, Gabi, Oliver, Nala and Peanut.
From day one, Leila settled in the Sanctuary so well. Most of her day, she still spends taking care of puppies. A few times a day, Leila goes for a walk into a big yard, where she spends this time playing, digging, and running with dogs.

Leila is a busy lady with an active social life. In a very short time, she made friends with Meli and Lara. She enjoys playing with her besties.
We already had an opportunity to introduce Leila to cats, and she had no interest in them (so far).

We are amazed by how quickly and easily she gets along with dogs and people. Despite being exposed to the stressful environment of the shelter, when she came, she instead looked relieved and happy than stressed.

Leila is a very smart, affectionate, very friendly, and loving dog. The perfect family for her would be someone who is leading an active lifestyle, hiking, training with the dog.

If this beautiful husky captured your heart, please consider adopting her. If you can not adopt, but still want to help, please donate towards her expenses.

Medical history

December 2019 – veterinary examination did not detect any health problems.
January 2020 – de-worming

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Leila will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

Do you want to foster her? Please fill out the foster form.
To apply for her adoption please fill out the Application form

Sponsor Leila

If you wish to sponsor Leila’s fees, please donate to:

IBAN: NL83 ABNA 0547 9873 74

Donate for Leila via Paypal

Leila taught her puppies a new game
Leila taught her puppies a new game

Leila is a rescue husky, who keeps herself busy at the Sanctuary for snow dogs in Cyprus. She is an easy going, smart and friendly husky who needs a home.

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Husky Family for Adoption
Husky Family for Adoption

Siberian Husky mother and her puppies - rescued in Cyprus - are looking for forever homes. Adoptions are possible in Germany and The Netherlands.

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Gabi’s Fun Day
Gabi’s Fun Day

A few weeks ago, we noticed that Gabi's hind legs were occasionally shaking while standing. There were no other signs. However, we decided not to take any risks and made an appointment.

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