***Lucy is adopted in the Netherlands, as of June 13th, 2o21.***
With us since December 21st, 2019.

Lucy is one of the most social and easy-going dogs in our rescue. She was like that from day one. On that December day, when she arrived, Lucy was positive for Ehrlichia, anemic, and had a tumor. And the first thing she did? She immediately made friends with Diego, Zoya, and Raksha.
One of the volunteers who assisted when Lucy arrived, said that if you do not know her history and do not look at the tumor, you would think she is a perfectly socialized and happy pet.

So what was Lucy’s story? Why she ended up in rescue?
All we know is that she spent a year in a government shelter. During her time there, somehow, she was infected with Transmissible Venereal Tumor. Most ( if not all) government facilities for rescue dogs in Cyprus are not meeting basic requirements. Dogs usually stay in the kennel 24/7. Some dogs are put in bigger enclosures, unneutered, and not vaccinated, males and females together. Unfortunately, Lucy ended up in one of those places and spent the entire year there, which is why we were all amazed to see her settling so well.

In January 2020, when Lucy finalized her treatment for Ehrlichia, she was ready to visit a specialist on the other side of the island. Luckily one of the foster homes in that area agreed to take Lucy for the duration of her treatment. She might have had a bad start, but luck finally started to turn on her side.

As we suspected from before, the specialist diagnosed Lucy with Transmissible Venereal Tumor. She started one chemo-session a week, and of course, it made her feel sick.

During the treatment, Lucy’s foster mom did everything possible to make sure she is having fun: toys, home-cooked meals, treats, playtime, and just being there when Lucy was ill from chemotherapy.

In the vet clinic, they adored Lucy. Anyone who met Lucy once would not forget her friendly and sweet personality.

All that special care certainly helped Lucy get better faster. By the end of February, Lucy fully recovered and came back to the Sanctuary in March 2020. Diego and Zoya were especially happy to see her; however, a few days later, Lucy escaped from the enclosure. She did not run away and was immediately moved to a more secure enclosure.

It was again very easy to introduce her to new dogs. Lucy is a social butterfly; she quickly made friends with Joey, Silky, and Lara. Her best friend and most favorite playmate is Joey. These two engage in friendly wrestle matches every day. Sometimes looking at how they are playing, one may doubt if they are friends and how one can enjoy it. It may seem almost intimidating if one is not used to the intensity with which huskies tend to play.

Lucy also loves to participate in house events, especially the cooking ones. She will happily supervise the cooking process. In case you drop something on the floor, Lucy’s cleaning crew services are right there to remove the mess.

She is no stranger to cuddles. Her idea of cuddles is rolling on the back and people scratching her tummy and chest. In her mind, dogs live with hoomanz because of scratchies doggos can’t do themselves.

Lucy loves playing with people, as much as with dogs. She plays fetch a little bit, but her favorite game is tug-of-war.

We have not adequately tested Lucy with cats. Her only interaction with the cat was during her visit to one of our volunteer’s house in March 2020. During that visit, Lucy was curious about the cat but did not attempt to chase it.

In general, Lucy is a golden dog with an unbreakable spirit. She can settle with dogs or as a single dog ( with access to social opportunities and playtime with dogs). Lucy would fit into the family with children over 12 years old. We have not tested her with toddlers.

Lucy is an optimistic, curious, social, and active dog. She may not necessarily enjoy typical husky sports ( like bike-joring or cani-cross), but Lucy would enjoy going hiking and playing games as well as bonding with people over learning new things.

We are hoping that being as wonderful as she is, Lucy won’t wait long to find a loving home.

Medical history

December 2019 –  CBC test, Erlichia-Leishmania test. Positive for Erlichia. Started the treatment. Suspected with Transmissible Venereal Tumor.

January 2020 : Lucy finalised her Erlichia treatment and went for check up to a specialist in regards of her tumour. Results are below:

08.01.2020 Lucy Diagnosis

Lucy Bio10 & Elect 08-01-20

Lucy CBC test 08-01-20

Lucy CBC test 15-01-20

Lucy CBC test 29-01-20

In January Lucy had 3 chemo-sessions..

February 2020:
Lucy CBC test 05-02-20
In February Lucy successfully completed her treatment. Follow up blood tests have to be done in around 6 months.

April 2020: Seresto collar.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Lucy will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated, neutered and microchip-ed.

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