With us since January 1th, 2019.

Maya is a young, healthy, and bright girl. She ended up in rescue because her previous owner did not have enough time to spend with her. She grew up in the comfort of the house and garden, but it was not enough to satisfy her natural desire to explore and learn. As Maya grew bigger, she started to escape, so the owner decided it would be safer for her with us. Maya’s mom is a Husky-Labrador mix, and her father is Husky Malamute mix Rexi.

Maya is a delight to train with. Her desire to learn is motivation itself; however, do not think you can get away with paying her for good work/good behavior =) One can not but admire her concentration and endurance. Maya is a dog for people who love to be active and engaged with their pets. She requires physical exercises, along with mental work daily. Naturally, Maya is not a couch potato, but if she receives what she needs, you will have a cuddle monster snoozing right beside you every evening.

MEN: One of the things you may want to know about Maya is that she is cautious of strange men in her space. The very first-time male volunteers visited; she had her tail between the legs and cowered away in the far corner. It was so unusual and upsetting to see this happy, bouncy, optimistic dog transforming into this vulnerable, scared little puppy. Her body language was very clear, and the best thing to do was to give her the space she needed for as long as she needed it. In a few minutes, however, she collected all her bravery and approached. After that, they became her besties. Maya, as a puppy, did not have many chances to be socialized with strange men coming to her environment, so that can explain her initial insecurity. However, when she goes out for walks in the city, she does not seem to pay any attention to men. Right now, she is happy to greet male volunteers that she already met before.

CATS : We are quite sure that Maya would not be a good match with cats or other small pets.

CHILDREN: She is a young, energetic, and big dog, so parents with small children should question whether they would have time and space to manage both kids and a big( a bit clumsy and enthusiastic) dog safely. We believe it may be easier for active families children over 11-12 years old.

OTHER DOGS: Since Maya joined the Sanctuary, she has been nothing more but delightful. Once exposed to more opportunities to learn, she blossomed. Her best friends in the Sanctuary are a male husky Chevak and husky cross Morgan. She loves to play with them. Generally, Maya does not mind most dogs, but we noticed that she seem to be more comfortable with male dogs. It could be growing up as a puppy she had better experiences with her male siblings. We can not know for sure, but we think she should be with a male dog or as a single dog( with playmates outside, though).

It is very hard to think that one day Maya will leave for her forever home ( at least that’s the plan), but nothing can fill the hearts of volunteers with more joy than getting photos and videos of her loving and living a beautiful life. We only hope it won’t take long for her to find the perfect family.

Medical history

2019 – neutered, vaccinated, CBC test – ok, IFAT – ok, passsport, microchip.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Maya will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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