With us since September 28th , 2018.
There isn’t a lot of difference between people and dogs. Main commonality is that for both life can change in a second and it would be no one’s fault. This is what happened to Molly.

Not all dogs that we rescue are abused or abandoned. Many are given up by their owners due to change of working hours, financial problems or most common reason is lack of understanding of dogs.

Sometimes however we get dogs from people who suffer from terminal illness and  all they want before leaving this world is to know someone will love and take care of their pet after they are gone.

Molly is that dog. Her owner was seeking for a special place for Molly to be, with people he knew would find her a good home just few months before he passed away from cancer. We are honored by the trust put in us, but saddened by the circumstances.

We made a promise and now it is our obligation to live up to it.

Molly is wonderful 5 year old happy girl. Loves to play with dogs, so we think she would settle with another dog in the family. Molly gets along with big and small dogs, as well as females and males. Molly does not mind cats, however it also depends on the cat. Cats in our sanctuary are socialized and relaxed around dogs, so they don’t usually run and trigger chase game =)

In our sanctuary she also became a mama for growing puppies.

Like a usual husky, she is a rough player.

We don’t think Molly would enjoy sports like bikejoring or mushing, but she is curious and likes her mind to be occupied. This is something for her future family to discover

Medical history

September 2018 – Leishmania, Erlichia, Anaplasmosys snip tests came negative.

Molly already came neutered, vaccinated, with microchip. He vaccinations expire in September 2019.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Molly will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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Sponsor Molly

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