With us since February  2020.

This big and fun Kangaroo cross was found on a side of a highway by a citizen who was kind enough to stop and help. She took him home, in a hope that someone was looking for such friendly dog. Well, it turned out Morgan was not homeless, but he was not welcomed back to his family. They just did not want him anymore, neither did they care what would happen to him next and happily transferred the ownership.

Before Morgan joined the Sanctuary he spent two months living with his saviour , and the cats. If not for a demanding work commitments, we think Morgan would stay forever. It is good to remember that cats that are not used to dogs, may easily get overwhelmed by his sometimes overlyfrcinedly personality.

Morgan has no bad bone in his body, and loves everyone. Dogs, cats, people, kids. However, he is a jumpy boy, so won’t be a good match for families with small kids. He is a fast learner and with the consistent training we are sure he will pick up quickly, but before he gets there it is better not risk accidents such knocking down a toddler, for example. There is no bad bone in his body, he is very gentle and sensitive boy, and he needs to be showered with love and attention.

Morgan enjoys company of volunteers, and does not have any hesitance towards new people.You can play tug of war with him with the ropes, as long as he always win. ( and we mean it, we let dogs win every game, so they enjoy playing it wit us. Why would you play with someone who always win?).; he likes to play wrestle with his buddies in the Sanctuary, very much enjoys training, and cuddles and belly rubs is a must be. Morgan could be a single dog or have playpals.

One of the funniest quirky things he does is gently removing hair ties and licking ears =) he is indeed a very affectionate boy. It is impossible to not love him.

If you fell in love with this fella, please apply to adopt him.

Medical history

February  2020 РTests for heart worm, Ehrlichia, leishmania, Anaplasmosis, Lyme Рnegative. Morgan was neutered before he came to us.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Morgan will be given for adoption with an international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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