With us since September 13 , 2018.

In September 2018 we were informed about heavily pregnant husky living as a stray near army base in Cyprus. At that moment we did not have any foster homes available. All we could do is to notify our foster home network and publish a post on our Facebook page.

Even though it took almost two weeks to find foster home, it was right on time. On September 13th we collected husky mama with 4 beautiful one- day -old- puppies. Family was rushed to the veterinary clinic prior going to foster home. Luckily for everyone puppies were chubby and healthy, but this success was achieved at the cost of mama’s health. As we called her later Raksha was diagnosed with anemia, Erlichia and Anaplasmosys.

Since puppies were only one day old, the vet postponed the treatment till later, to give a chance for puppies to survive. And the long journey to full recovery has started. To help Raksha raise healthy puppies her foster mama was cooking her home made meals and supplanting with vitamins. Raksha had her own , especially equipped for this purpose , enclosure in the garden, where she can peacefully look after her puppies , without having to worry about other dogs in the household.

From the very beginning , despite the tiredness of surviving on the streets,  pregnancy and illness, we could already see her warm, friendly and welcoming personality. It used to amaze us how much love and care she provided for her puppies, even though she was not feeling that good herself.  Something that we people call selflessness.

In October 2018 Raksha’s vet urged to stop the milk to start her treatment. Even though her puppies were old enough to eat solid food, since her milk stopped, she started to regurgitate her food for them.

Even after separating her from puppies for couple of hours after the meal, she would do it anyways the moment she would see the puppies again. Originally we were trying to keep the puppies with mother till they are at least 8 weeks old, but for the benefit of Raksha, we removed them to foster homes when they were 7 weeks old.

In November 2018, Raksha’s foster mother had to travel for couple of weeks and we needed to arrange moving her to the Sanctuary. We were not sure if in her state she could cope being in a group. To give her a little bit more time and make sure she can settle well with the rest of the dogs, we put  her in training with Maria-Christina Patala from“ Dog Coach Cyprus” , a certified trainer who is working only with positive reinforcement and force free training methods. Training was successful and we got a green light already after 1 month. In December 2018 Raksha joined the Sanctuary ( link here).

Her health was getting better and better, but on much slower rate than we expected. Even after treatment Raksha remained anemic for a while, and that is why could not be neutered.  Finally after months of good care and food, in March 2019 Raksha was in good health and was neutered.

Currently Raksha is sharing her enclosure in the sanctuary with 3 more dogs : Diego, Zoya and Homer. Raksha did not have problems communicating with other dogs. There was one incident that we linked rather to her strong prey drive, when small dog who she was okay with made sudden movement next to Raksha and she grabbed her. There was no bite or any harm done to little dog, but this  is something family should watch out for. Nevertheless, Raksha is friends with small dogs on premises and this never happened again.

Raksha loves to chase birds and we know for sure that under no circumstances she can be trusted around cats.

Raksha is very sweet and friendly with people and dogs. She enjoys her walks, loves to play with Homer and Diego. Size wise she is rather on petite side. It is really hard not to love her soft temperament, calm and friendly personality. We think Raksha would settle in any home ( without cats), but best would be with social and friendly male dog.  We did not test Raksha with children yet, but from what we know about her, we would not want her to go to a home with small children.

Raksha is amazing in so many ways and that special person who gets to adopt her will be a very lucky one to have such a great companionship experience.

Raksha is currently fed once a day BOSCH dog food.

Medical history

September 2018 – First examination. CBC test + snip test. Diagnosed with Erlichia and Anaplasmosys. Prescribed vitamins. Can start treatment in few weeks when puppies can start eating their own food.  Micorchip. Passport. De-worming.

October 2018 – admitted with symptoms of vomiting and being lathergic. Weight 20.7 kg. Temperature 39.5. CBC test showed improvement from the one done in September, but still has low PTL. Antibiotic and anti-nausea injections are given. Vet recommends to start treatment at the end of October at the latest. Tick / flea treatment, de-worming.

October 23, 2018 – Raksha started treatment : Remycin 1 -mg 8 boxes of 10 tablets/2 tablets per day. Kelastin ( suppression of lactation). Cerenia ( anti-nausea treatment). CBC test. Full biochemistry test. IDEXX Lyte 4. IDEXX CPLi Snap Test. Betamox injection. Treatment finished on November 28th.

December 2018 –  According to CBC test vet recommends to wait few more weeks before neutering.

January 2019 – Raksha went on heat.

March 2019 – CBC – ok. Neutering.

April 2019 – annual vaccination & rabies.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Raksha will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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