*** Adopted in the Netherlands in 2019 ***

With us since June 26 , 2018.

The greatest evil in this world is the one that was not intended or not even recognized. How many time it happened already and how many more times it will happen again, before we include interests of others when we make personal choices. Parents who wanted nothing but happiness for their children, gave in to their weaknesses and brought a puppy  to a home without thinking or planning ahead about what would  happen next. Now imagine , despite the education, despite all the warnings from many charitable organizations, millions of parents around the world keep on making the same mistake.

If we reverse the situation and put ourselves in the dog’s place, would we be okay if our own children would serve nothing but entertainment for others? Do you think being an entertainment for others is a worthy purpose for one’s life?

Shanti was given away in a flea market to a family with 4 year old twins. It was impulsive decision on parent’s side, which they regretted almost instantly.

Not having enough time and resources needed to take a good care of a dog, very soon Shanti ended up living on the chain in the garden along with rabbits, ducks, chickens etc. Shanti wasn’t physically abused or starved, but living on the chain and fed leftovers, sausage rolls, cooked lamb bones etc is also not the life a puppy should live. Luckily family recognized that and soon started to look for a better home. This was how Shanti ended up in dog rescue.

At first Shanti was very underweight and had Giardia, for which she received treatment and successfully recovered. In September 2018 Shanti arrived to The Netherlands and was placed in foster care in Utrecht. Even after she arrived to The Netherlands it took months on raw meat diet before she started gaining weight.

Since then Shanti is enjoying her life. She learned a lot of things, such as chasing runners and bicyclists is not always welcomed, that people can be a source of all goodness and that world is a safe place.

Shanti is now ready to be adopted. We would highly recommend for family to take Shanti straight to dog school that works with force free, positive reinforcement methods ONLY, as this would help establish wonderful relationships from the start.

We also want to point out that Shanti is indeed a very energetic pup, she loves running and she is incredibly fast. In the right family we believe she would learn and enjoy doing agility or  flyball. She certainly is enjoying going for run with her foster mom on a skateboard.

Medical history

June 2018 – CBC showed anemia, caused by poor diet. Snip test Erlichia/Leishmania/Anaplasmosys – negative. Microchip implanted. Snip test for Giardia – positive.  7 day course on Domozon started 29-06-2018.

July  2018 – CBC – ok. Giardia snap test – negative. Annual vaccination. Rabies vacc.

September 2018 – CBC – ok, pre-flight examination – ok.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Shanti will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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