Update May 2018

From a dog who could not be touched to a dog who can’t live without cuddles. Sheldon’s journey as a rescue dog was long, hard and life changing. Right now his story is only missing a happy end!
Sheldon is looking for family he can call his own.

Sheldon is currently in the kennels in Cyprus. He is only 3 year old male, who loves to chase cats and might be too bouncy and nippy to be with small children. He never had puppyhood, so now under the care of the right person he is living it now.
Sheldon responds very well to a gentle approach, love and some things he does you have to accept with the sense of humor. He wants to be led by a calm, friendly person, who will lead and guide him through his life. so he can always remain in his dog childhood.

If you are this person, if your heart responds to this boy, please contact Sled Dog Rescue via link below or you can email us:

About Sheldon

Having Sheldon in our rescue was destiny. If you do not believe in destiny, you may change your believes after you read this story.
First time we found out about Sheldon from his previous family. They contacted us looking for help. It was early December 2016, they just adopted Shelly directly from the pound, which means no home check was performed, no health check and Shelly was “given for adoption” not neutered. This is the way Cyprus government work, which at the end only adds to dog’s overpopulation problem on the island. After few days having him they said he was growling at the family members, including children and picking fights with their other dog. Back then not much we could do, except advise the family to make sure he is healthy and if he is, find behaviorist and work with the dog. Unfortunately, they just returned poor Shelly to the pound. We managed to track him down back to the pound and made a deal that he can stay till mid January 2017, when we will have space to take him in.

Instead, on December 31st volunteer in charge received a call from the pound, promising to euthanize Sheldon if we don’t take him right that moment. The threat was real and by “euthanasia” other ways would have been chosen, as we knew there was no way vet services would come on December 31st in the afternoon. This is how beloved, adored, but so unfortunate boy ended with us and his journey so far was just the beginning of much harder and greater path that was waiting ahead of him.

In February 2017 he was diagnosed with Erlichia and started his 45 days treatment. We were excited as he had an offer to go to foster home in The Netherlands and we were looking forward to that wonderful day when he would fly… Little did we know back then.
Followed by months of treatment and diagnosis, in the end of the summer our vet suggested to submit his blood sample to test for immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. Our biggest fears came true when diagnosis was confirmed. His treatment started and there were days we thought he would never recover… When you put so much love into that one unfortunate dog, it is really a very bitter feeling to think that there is nothing more you could do for him but he fought hard,as finally , in his entire life of suffering he saw the glimpse of hope that life doesn’t have to be about suffering all the time, that life should be about being loved and happy most of the times. So he fought!
And it seems he won. He is still very skinny, his appetite is not as good as it should be, but we hope he will get there soon.
In January 27, 2018 we also enrolled Sheldon into 2 months rehabilitation programme, as even though his health issues are pretty much resolved, neglect and abuse he survived in the past is still there, in his mind.

We will keep updating you, but if you are thinking of adopting Shelly, he needs experienced family who know how to read the dogs and attentive to details. We would not be feeling comfortable for Shelly to go into the family with kids at this point. He is an absolute gem! You won’t find better buddy, he already cuddling with volunteers , which is a big progress from when he was when he just came. But sensitivity to touch may be something that will stay with him for a long time, that’s why he needs a family who could understand it, give him time and space he needs and at the same time continue working on building up his confidence.

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Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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