With us since September 2019.

Silky is a senior lady who is in good health and ready to find her home.

In the Sanctuary, Silky earned the reputation as a Zen Bear of calmness and balance. Joey barking in the ear? No problem. She ignores as if no one is there.

Before her rescue, Silky lived all her life in complete isolation. We weren’t sure if she was able to cope with the Sanctuary environment, exposed to so many friendly, but sometimes too nosy huskies. To test her social skills, Silky spent a few days with a dog trainer. The very first feedback was that she was very affectionate with people. We were amused, after all the years she spent in forced isolation.

Her happiness increases with the presence of people, for sure. She craves and seeks human contact and bond. Silky seems to be more interested in interactions with adults, rather than children. She does not mind kids but not specifically interested in them either.

One of Silky’s most favorite games is tug-of-war. She plays it with people, as well as with dogs. Our volunteers, following the advice of dog trainers, always allow her to win. The trick is to make sure that she always feels like a winner when she is with people.

Funny fact about her name is that Silky’s fur is just as soft and bright as her personality. Unlike the Siberian Huskies, she does not have an undercoat.

Currently, Silky is enjoying the company of Joey, Lara, and Lucy. She has a great time with her friends, but we can see that she is seeking human company, she is longing for home.

Almost every day, Silky and her friends are out into a big yard. While others get excited to race in the bigger space, our little bear has her own way. Firstly, she has to sniff out all the rumors and gossips left by the dogs who used the garden from before. It seems Silky loves to be informed. Only after she collected enough data, she comes by for a treat.

You know, we probably all have that one friend who always finishes meals the last—the conscious eater. Silky is one of them. Each unit of kibble is carefully picked up, separated from others, and chewed individually. Needless to say, while the rest of the dogs are done, she is usually halfway through her meal. A cuddle ritual follows every meal ritual. It is a must.

Another Silky’s amusement is car rides. She loves sitting on the back seat and looking outside the window.

Unfortunately, we did not have many opportunities to introduce Silky to the cats. On one occasion, she attempted to chase a cat, so we did not pursue cat socialization further. However, it happened in the early days of her rescue, so part of it could have been the stress of excitement.

Overall we imagine Silky living in the countryside and spending her time with people. She can be a single dog, or as a second dog with friendly, playful male or female.

Silky is neutered, has microchip, international passport and vaccinations.
Copy of her blood tests and medical history will be provided to her adoptive family.

If you are reading this, but can not adopt Silky, please share her story with your friends. She certainly is worthy of all the attention she can get =)

P.S.: Silky is a little bit camera shy. Every time someone tries to take a picture of her, she turns away. For this reason, there are more videos of Silky than photos.

Medical history

September 2019 – CBC, Leishmania test – negative, DUO test – negative, De-worming. Neutering.
October 2019 – Microchip , Passport , Vaccination
December 2019 – general check up
April 2020 – new Seresto collar

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Silky will be given for adoption with international passport, vaccinated, neutered and microchip-ed.

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