*** Adopted in Germany in 2017 ***

Simba joined us in September 9th, 2017. We know he was left by his owner in some cages on the farm and they did not want to keep him anymore either.

Simba is typical Nordic, emotional dependent on people and can’t live without having a pal by his side.
He used to be in the kennels next to Hoku, but since Simba kept trying to move in with him, he was moved to the kennel where he can’t get out. He cries a lot in the kennels, but once out with other dogs and people he is the happiest bunny of all.

Simba gets along with dogs, in a group of huskies he is like fish in the water. He is a typical, social, friendly husky with a lot of energy. Simba is easy to train ( if you trained huskies before haha), he is active boy, so 1 or 2 hours walk a day would not be enough. We are looking for people who like to walk and work with their dogs. Simba would do well with agility, jogging, playing with other dogs and living active life, for which huskies were designed.

imba pulls on the leash. He is a real gentleman in the car and when you open the door, he doesn’t bolt out, but waiting for you to take the leash. Even when Veterinary was taking blood sample for his tests, he did not complain or make any noises. He is gentle, loving boy who needs home.

Simba had his microchip, vaccinations, CBC test, Erlichia/Anaplasmosys snip test, Leishmania snip test, Leishmania lab test. Tests result showed that Simba is healthy.

Unfortunately since he came to the kennels he was very stressed and lost 2,5 kg. We need to find home for him ASAP. He is very unhappy in the kennels.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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Sponsor Simba

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