*** Adopted in Germany in October 2019 ***

With us since May 2018.

Journey that led Sinderella to be rescued started that unfortunate night , back in February 2018 when she was hit by the car. Luckily she was collected by authorities and brought to the clinic with a fracture in the back leg.

In May 2018 Sinderella joined our organization. She was extremely skinny, suffered from malnutrition and was full of worms. To help her get stronger Sindy was fostered for few months by a family who already had a husky, so she is perfectly adjusted to live in the house.

Today Sindy is a healthy and happy dog. She currently shares her home with the pack of dogs and few people and she gets along perfectly well with all of them. Regarding  other animals we would caution potential adopters who have cats that introduction should be done with an extra attention, as Sinderella is not gentle nor friendly with cats at all.

The only thing that was wrong with Sinderella was her past. If you did not know what happened to her, you would have never guessed. All you can see is very happy, funny, super playful dog. Sindy loves the company, she loves other dogs, digging. Just like any other dog, all she needs is family of her own.

Sinderella would settle well with an active family. She can function well despite her broken leg, but we believe sports such as bikejoring or any other type of pulling will not be beneficial for her health. She would do well with few hours of walking and/or hiking/day in combination with mental games it should keep her relaxed and happy. Under vet advisement she may be able to do canicross or bikejoring, but only short distances. In any case, Sinderella is very smart girl and she needs mental work apart from physical exercise.

Often people disregard rescue dogs because of the myth that they may have behavioral problems, that they are traumatized. Myths that are unjustified.
We know that it is not a pedigree of the dog that defines their personalities and how much we love them. It is them, in flesh and blood.

Medical history

Before joining Sled Dog Rescue

February 2018 – Submitted to the vet clinic by Municipality workers with radius fracture on the right foreleg as a result of being hit by the car.

March 2018 – 4Dx Plus – negative. CBC test low WBC, LYM, MONO, EOS. Neutered ( aborted). Surgery to fix the leg.

After joining Sled Dog Rescue

May 2018 – passport, microchip , CBC ok, 4Dx Plus – negative.

June 2018 – check up as a result of not putting on weight. Weight 17,7 kg. De-worming.

July 2018 – check up. Weight 19,6 kg. Chemistry panels test – Ok. CBC test showed mild infection. Worm eggs reported.Medication prescribed: Enrofloxacin 50mgs 2 tablets daily, Finidiar Forte 1 am, Prednisolone 20 mg 1/2 tab am. 1/2 tab pm.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
She had blood tests,microchiped,  neutered and has  International Passport.

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Sponsor Sinderella

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