With us since May 2019

Tofu joined our Sanctuary in Cyprus with her “brother,” Percy. Their previous owner was arrested, his property confiscated, and these two fur balls found themselves homeless. It may sound sad, but if you read their story, you may change your mind.

Tofu is a sweet, 6-7years old Samoyed girl. It is quite amazing to see that after years of caged life, Tofu enjoys the same things most dogs do: playing with the ball, playing with other dogs, and cuddles. Where would she learn all that? Well, we think that she learned a lot from other dogs in the Sanctuary. Tofu is a smart cookie. 

Living years in neglect took a toll on her health, and it took us months of vet visits, blood tests ultrasounds, etc. to recover her. We think poor health reflected on her behavior. From day one and until she got better, Tofu would not leave Percy’s sight. She was following him everywhere, and for a long time, it prevented her from bonding with other dogs.

However, this is not an issue anymore. Today Tofu is an independent, strong, and confident woman. Her two best friends in the Sanctuary are female husky Meli and little sausage dog Coconut ( resident). They play every day. Generally, Tofu gets along with dogs, but occasionally she is selective. We think Tofu would settle best with a male dog or as a single dog.  

Tofu is quite social with dogs, but it is obvious that she gives preference to human company. Ah, all the scratchies, cuddles, and shmuddles she can get from people. What not to like. We know for sure that she would absolutely love being a part of a human family.

Tofu was introduced to the house environment and is familiar with the sounds of vacuum cleaner and TV. She loves her walkies, but being a senior lady, she does not require high-intensity exercise. Daily modest walks, a little bit of playtime with human ( she does like to play fetch), and some time for scratchies and massages would keep her happy.

Anyone who met Tofu instantly fell in love with her big & happy smile. It is incredible to see that she finds reasons to enjoy life every day, even though she has to share attention with all the other dogs.

Tofu is a sensitive and tender soul, and one has to be patient and kind not to break her trust in people. 

Everyday Tofu brings rainbows to our world with her smile. We know that the family who will adopt her will be so lucky to experience this special Tofu magic =)

If you are in love with Tofu, but can not adopt, please consider offering her Sponsorship ( one time or monthly). If you can not sponsor, please share her story with your friends. By sharing dogs’ stories on various social media platforms, you sky-rocket their chances of finding loving homes. 

Medical history

May 2019 – CBC test. Carprodyl
June 2019 – rabies, microchip, passport

End of June 2019 – Tofu went in heat.

September 2019 – CBC test was not very good and the vet advised to do ultrasound.
October 2019 – ultrasound – all clear.  CBC test.
November 2019 – CBC test. Neutering.
April 2020 – new Seresto collar

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Tofu will be given for adoption with international passport, neutered, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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