*** Adopted in Germany in November 2021 ***

With us since May 8th, 2020.

Wesley was left behind by his family that moved away. He is a beautiful, rather tall and very gentle boy.
The first observation we made was how Wesley deals differently with males vs females, of both people and dogs.

It used to take him time to warm up to men. Initially he would withdraw into his dog house and observe from there. We made it into a purpose that each interaction with men he will have, will be pleasant. At first it was simply giving him a treat every time a man approaches. Eventually he started to take treats from men. Nowadays Wesley is much more confident and it has been a while since we say him being cautious with men.

With male dogs he is careful and also very polite. Wesley takes time and interacts with another dog once he get reassurance from him. He does not follow the same introduction routine with female dogs, which makes us believe that he would settle easier with a female dog.

That however does not mean he can not co-exist in a peaceful and joyful manner with others,. Wesley likes to play with his buddy Morgan, and mingles around other male dogs. It just takes him a bit more time to become friends with boys.

From what we know about his past, it doesn’t seem that he had a chance to learn how to play with toys or people as a puppy. Wesley lived on the roof of the house, in isolation. Only other dog he knew was Sabrina, a younger husky girl, so it can explain why he is much easier to interact with ladies. However, Wesley seem to enjoy the company of our 8-year old volunteer ( under supervision of adults). We definitely would recommend teaching Wesley how to play with toys, as we think he will enjoy it very much.

Wesley was also tested in the house, and was wonderful, curious and not scared. One time in the house he ignored cats, but we never had a chance to do proper cat test. Hedgehogs on the other hand are very interesting , every time they come near the fence he is trying to get to them. No way of telling if it’s out of curiosity .

It has been difficult to socialise dogs during 2020, nevertheless on occasions when Wesley went out for a city walk, he enjoyed car rides. While in the new place he gets excited and starts pulling at first, some time later he calms down. Considering that Wesley is cooperative and clever, we believe it won’t take long to teach him to walk without pulling.

We also noticed that he does not change his behaviour during thunderstorms.

In Cyprus climate it is hard to say how active the dog is, as part of their existence is coping with the heat. In any case, anyone who adopts a husky is expected to have basic understanding of the breed. Assume that the dog is active and that you have time and energy for a husky please.


Medical history

May 2020 – Snip test for Erlich., and Leishm. – negative. CBC showed mild dehydration, other than that results are okay. Deworming. Nobivac DHPPi, Nobivac L4. Seresto collar. Neutering.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Wesley will be given for adoption with an international passport, vaccinated, and microchipped.

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