Winny was owner surrender. Since he was purchased from the breeder he was living on the chain.
He has beautiful lush coat, that was not designed to cope with Cyprus heat. Luckily his owner realized that Winny deserved life appropriate for his breed: regular walks, colder climate and most importantly be house pet, bond and spent time with his family, beside them all year around: Christmas, Easter or any regular day too. Winny’s owner contacted us and surrendered Winny under condition that we will find him best home in a colder country. November last year we managed to secure foster home for Winny in Cyprus.
Winny is fantastic dog. He is getting along with the pack of foster home and other dogs they foster. Since he joined Sled Dog Rescue he established wonderful bonds with other dogs : Hiro , Alexis , Conan. Winny has not problem settling with other male dog, he however noticeably does like the company of Nordics more.

We would like to see Winny going to forever home with another, social and friendly dog. Winny has difficulties establishing bond with people and if placed with another social dog, he can learn how to do it. Saying this we do not mean he is afraid of people, he comes for a treat or cuddle anyways, but in general seem more interested to be with other dogs , rather than people.
Winny also refuses to stay in the house of foster parent, but when he had few week-end with another volunteer, he had not problems being in the apartment. Maybe it is by choice, when he has it he does not enter it. His previous owner also mentioned that he was taught not to enter the house. Maybe he sees apartment differently, but we know for sure that in different environment he will get over it completely.
Apart from that Winny is perfect. He is nice on the leash, loooooves going for walks. Daily walks is his favorite thing to do, he is not food aggressive and eats peacefully in the group. As a true Samoyed he can be very stubborn sometimes, but for those who made a proper research of the breed or experienced with the breed it should not be a surprise.
Winny is a dream boy and only reason he ended up with us, because people don’t always make good and informed choices.
He is neutered, microchiped, has his vaccinations and passport and ready to fly.

With us since November 2017.

Medical history

Passport, microchip, neutered. CBC test – ok.

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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