*** Adopted in Switzerland in 2017 ***

Yasen was not left behind in the pound, he was not let to be run on the streets.

He was left chained up on the parking lot, exposed to the sun, sitting and waiting for someone to rescue him. Back then, Yasen was extremely underweight, his coat was neglected, he was miserable. After only few months under our care he turned into beautiful, healthy, joyful dog, who is seeking for humans affection.

Yasen is an active boy, his mind is always wandering, exploring, learning. He wants to know more and he likes to be on the move. Nothing less one would expect from a husky.
Yasen was not cat tested, but we can do that upon request. It is a pure pleasure to see him changing from closed dog, to happy , trusting and full of life.

With us since November 21, 2016

Update on Sept. 07, 2017

He is already neutered, fully vaccinated and ready to fly any time!

Yasen, yet another unfortunate dog. We do not know anything about his past, except that he was left chained up on a parking lot. This is where we rescued him from and nourished him back to health and life.
Wish you could know him as well as we do. Cuddle monster, face licker, so willing to please and would do a lot for a treat. He learns quickly and would make fantastic companion to someone who likes to lead an active life style. We imagine Yasen would be the one to go for camping, hiking trips with his people. He would not embarrass you in public, but world may start falling apart if you make him believe he may skip his meal. He is 4 years old, but he is very immature and puppy-like dog. He can settle in a balanced pack, with one dog , with children and as a single dog as well. Yasen is really easy going darling!

Adoption infos

Adoption fee – 350 Euros.
He had all blood tests, is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchiped and has an International Passport.

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