*** Adopted in Germany in November 2021 ***

With us since Febuary 7th, 2018.

Zoya was found wandering around highway in Cyprus back in February 2018. Luckily not everyone in this world are emotionally disabled and even though most people ignored Zoya, some people stopped to help. When Zoya was picked up it became evident that she might have had puppies due to her lactating.

After hours of search without any luck, Zoya was taken to the vet. During the examination veterinary did not detect any signs of her giving birth so Zoya was diagnosed with phantom pregnancy. Life as a stray dog is hard enough , but when poor thing running around with milk , looking for puppies to take care of… it is truly heartbreaking.

When you pick dogs up for years you learn to recognize which ones had abusive owners.  From the very beginning it was evident that  Zoya  was subjected to physical abuse in the past. In early days if you would lift your hand to pick up leash for example, she would drop her body to the ground as if expecting to be hit. Zoya was very afraid of hands, but not defensive. She would get very scared. So scared that if you had to watch this happening in front of you , you would feel an ache in your heart.

So at first we just had to give her time and reassurance that no one was there to hurt her anymore. Slowly, slowly she started to come out of her shell. To be honest, Zoya was always curious about people. Despite her clearly not very happy past life , she remained sweet with people. All we needed is a little bit of time to convince Zoya that from this point everything is going to be alright and she will never be abused again.

It took us a year, but we think we did a good work. Zoya now happily approaching people, even the ones she doesn’t know.

From insecure spooky and a bit scared dog, with care, love and boost in socialization she transformed into sweet but delicate dog you will ever find.

Currently Zoya shares her enclosure with Raksha, Diego and Homer. She gets along with all dogs: males and females. In August-September  2018 Zoya stayed in the house after the neutering. She did not seem to mind cats. However, we always ask people to stay alert at the first couple of weeks. If correctly socialized from the very beginning, cats should not be a problem for Zoya.

Zoya is strong and energetic, even on walks she wants to run and pull. We think Zoya is a real treasure for people who love sports like canicross, bikejoring or mushing.

Zoya’s social nature would make it quite easy to have her in multiply dog household or even with one another dog. However, she can be single dog too, given that she still gets access to socialization and playtime with friendly dogs.

Zoya is great with teenagers and if family has kids, they have to be 12 years old or older.

Zoya stayed for a year with us before we started to advertise her for adoption. We have seen her blooming , learning that world is happy safe place and opening to new experiences with people more and more.

We would like for Zoya to find loving family that would continue guiding her through life and making her feel that her people are source of everything good that happens in life.

Zoya is currently fed once a day BOSCH dog food.

Medical history

February 2018 – First examination. Was diagnosed with phantom pregnancy. Ultrasound made, suspected with uterus infection.  Prescribed galastop.

March 2018 –  CBC ( Complete Blood Count) test, passport, microchip, 4DX – negative. Diagnosed with ear infection, prescribed drops. Seresto. Giardia snip test – negative.

April 2018 – CBC showed elevated levels of WBC count. Prescribed antibiotics. Started her heat.

July 2018 – CBC showed mild decrease in RBC , HTC levels. HGB was also lower than normal levels. Even though examination showed that Zoya was healthy, vet recommendations were to wait 3 more weeks with neutering and repeat CBC .

August 2018 – CBC – ok. Neutered on 31.08.2019

April 2018 – Rabies and Annual Vaccination

Adoption infos

Adoption fee: 450 Euros.
Zoya will be given for adoption neutered, with international passport, vaccinated and microchip-ed.

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