Pushka’s chance for healthy life

Pushka is not just a rescue dog. She is a rescue husky, which already makes it more challenging to find her a home. Why? People tend to believe that since huskies considered to be very beautiful dogs, they should not have problems finding homes. Unfortunately, adopting a dog simply because of looks is a reason there are so many stray pure breed huskies and samoyeds in Cyprus.

Like this is already not enough challenge that Pushka is a husky, which means requires certain type of a home…. on top of it, Pushka has health issue that can not be fixed in Cyprus. There is just not enough equipment to do tests, necessary to properly diagnose her.

For all we know, Pushka has low levels of T4( hormone linked to metabolism) and she is extremely overwheight ( 32 kg, while she has to go down to 24kg).

Luckily for her, she has a chance to go to foster home in Germany and get proper diagnosis and treatment. She will have her walks to help her lose weight and everything necessary, to make sure she leads happy and healthy life.

This is why we ask you to donate towards her flight…. she really can’t wait much longer.

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